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Please Gaoren analysis of the 2010 FIFA World Player Who

Lionel6Messi2010-03-27 14:10:27 +0000 #1
I personally think that was Lionel Messi (I was his loyal fans), Ronaldinho and Kaka, C Luo received this award in the second post-season slump, while the Messi is still leaps and bounds, as it were heralding the 2010 World Player of the Year was not his MO, but their state of recovery of Romania C Querang win confusing, hope to be receive adequate guidance, for me Zhidianmijin, it is best to be thorough and I play add Description not easy, thank you!
ruanfei3452010-03-27 14:21:26 +0000 #2
league in the state of super-Messi is good, Messi Barca tactics to provide a good springboard team of Harvey and Iniesta is also promising, relatively Macy's to destroy the city Ba Zhai, the fans and the judges saw in more impressive is the key time of the games and goals. C Luo inside the state is also very good for the league, despite the impact of injuries and red cards, but his goals and assists are high efficiency, the pressure on Kaka in the Real Madrid great relief to see him score a goal after The look you should know that he is not the year that Kaka of AC Milan. Other people have highlighted, but estimated that there is no competition FIFA World Player of feeling.

Champions League which C Luo into the six goals is the current striker, while Messi was entered in the current two, and last year's Champions League scoring rate will decline.

And in 2010 the heaviest, a measure that is the World Cup, Diego Maradona of Argentina's poor are aware of that in 2006 Argentina's many do not know how far Argentina's Lionel Messi band, or be able to take Argentina Lionel Messi to go far. C Portugal, Romania win a general feeling of the ball, but the real hard bone gnawing for it, Kaka in Brazil should be a little cheaper soiled bar

I think there are some players are also very powerful, Cesc Fabregas, Fernando Torres, but also World Cup to play a good team where players

I play so much is also Burongyia!



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