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Those who seek professional football.

15,014,326,6602010-03-27 23:11:12 +0000 #1
I do not read the. At work. I have always liked playing football. In my hometown to work in Guangzhou, Shantou. I have not had a proper football training. Had not been regular football field. But I love football. I feel that I am basically okay. I feel that I was still young. I can receive training. I can go to which schools to receive training, and performance can be good, plus a good young team youth team do what? Have to go to any school. How much money,. Thank you, thanks. I need help.
long been waiting for this day2010-03-27 23:22:46 +0000 #2
Hello, my father was a football coach, Hebei, and I also really like like you've seen a young man, his 19-year-old, claiming the University a year .. then graduated straight to my father asked him to join the Hebei team

prepare for the National Games! I was there first reaction was that he was not fanatics, is that really talented people

.. But no matter Intrinsic you are, you love soccer Ye Hao, really talented Ye Hao, having listened to my father, these words, everyone will steadily and surely to properly take its own way.

Father's exact words: Oh, It seems that you do not understand football. (And then Take me as an example, I was born 90 years!

6-year-old started playing football until high school, because the talent almost had to give up football, and now on the University.)

see that he did not! (Pointing to me) he was my starting the routine from the 6-year-old was trained in the basic skills, his talent in general

to reach the technological level of Hebei team may be 5,6 years. To reach the awareness of Hebei team may be combined 156 years, then His more than 30, and someone will either? Talented do not work hard does not work, efforts have not only talent is to never do

--- The man refused to accept the requirements and a test of Hebei team players, my father went on to say: do not look for Hebei team and his players

on the ratio, ( refers to me), so we are more than than the standing long jump, not against him, his talent really even I can not compare. The people continue to not agree with. Requires a test of the ball, (football practiced all know that hundreds of Dianqiu as simple as on and eat.) Requirements and the people continue to agree with me than running, the results or if I won.

Say that these are not vexatious that you want to like him. The point is that no one can be achieved within 3 years of normal subjects 10 years of skill, even extraordinary talent. To continue to quote his father saying: Do you know Pan raises Hebei Province, Hebei Province, Hebei team is to give glory, not to spend money to others even the basics, even if you have three years to reach the level of the existing players, but that time is now and you are not a member grade of. This is not sports school, if you are to enter for the purpose of Hebei team, I can seriously tell you, it is impossible, if you love football, I can introduce city sports school coach, to you, you can follow the 7 8-year-old children starting from basic skills training, if the city sports school coach that you no problem, with the strength into the Hebei team, I am apart from anything else. `````` About this like it

finally attached to Hebei team a buddy's famous remark: quit football, I mean from 0 to learn the dry football, I have this perfect capital, you say I'll do? ? Students hope you can understand my words, if you choose to go to the bookies for the dream, I hope you have a talent like Messi, which has side-buddy like I said, honestly bar into its own over the years into the cause of or to continue their studies, after all, in this regard let's not starting from 0 to learn! ! ! Louzhu to see in my hand playing's sake, accept my some suggestions ..
ideide19842010-03-27 23:44:09 +0000 #3
to see you so pressing needs, I can only say that like you in China there are people who love football proud. Child ah, the Chinese soccer sad 啦.



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