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To find a football novel

Di2010-03-28 08:11:28 +0000 #1
seems to be one of China's turn generates one Italians, physically strong, it seems that a few years ago in Florence

good to see, and remember the ...
Yoko Fish2010-03-28 08:25:56 +0000 #2
rebirth of football mythology ? is this?

1, the Qi Men Dun Jia football football fiction book, "Soccer Qi Men Dun Jia>

this book: create a football theme boutique, the appropriate yy, the appropriate mm

know that Stone Sentinel Maze do? Then you must also know that football, right? Hei hei! Then you certainly do not know the Stone Sentinel Maze football, ah! Come on! Follow me, witness the wonders of Stone Sentinel Maze, football crazy bar.

Now protagonist brought the team is to grow and be a national champion after which he will go abroad, overseas career even more bizarre things happen! Do not believe?

Then collection bar! Let me give you look good!

2, the heart of football in the horizon of the new book, novel, "Football God>

football field is always laughter than tears

in this piece of blood and

tears on the grass as a man

my only option is to

in the age of this piece of peace on the battlefield of life is more than the struggle in the end
! Struggle the rest! ! !

3, wavering football fiction book, "Football Manager of the Inter Years>

4, Baling of the football fiction books Health "Soccer War Ghost>

one called interpretation Diego's youth, because of a traffic accident, SOUL, was black and white impermanence to detention of hell, a coincidental run into playing with a ball watching the Cuju master Hades Huizong and judge high-qiu. Obtaining their passes and then really was able to return to the earth, turning back, joined by "the scandal" effects have been relegated to Serie B Juventus. In order to achieve thousands of years, generation after generation of Chinese people's football dream interpretation Diego constant struggle

"ghost Soccer War" major address to write the story of Diego expeditions Serie B League, League and World Cup plot in the sequel "decisive battle vigorously of God's Cup summit ", the faithful attention to the book please!

6, grasping the bird's cat football fiction books "fantasy football in the world>

1 died before their dreams of Chinese players who are lucky Award in heaven drawn back into the past, the Roman idol Francesco Totti.

But the fate of the ups and downs, good fortune get one. Make fun of certain reasons, he's gone so soccer is always the hard way.

In the end, by chance, he embarked on a different road to football, and with great success.

This book tells you a different football trip to a different road to success.

This book are purely fictitious and any similarity is purely coincidental. Thank you

7, fabregas football fiction book, "Football traffickers>

in the present football field, holds the highest authority in the hands of people who are Who? Federation International de Football? Club President? Or the players? Obviously, not!

In every football transfers, the real power of people with decision-making is Who? Star? Coach? Club President? Excuse me, nor is it!

This is a career full of mysteries, although he is not known, but he has control of the football every move; although he is not a club president, but he has to revive a club capacity; though he is not a coach, but he can keep abreast of the players play the game powers, including the national team included!

This book are purely fictitious and any similarity is purely coincidental, thank you! !

Lesser purpose of writing a book is:

the appropriate yy, declined all the tragedy!

8, the wind lay flowers football fiction book, "Eternal Star Soccer>

(the former five chapters poorly written, we depend on the Chapter VI looks from the bar!)

a Chinese teenager, determined to become a generation of world number one since childhood, hoping one day to lead the Chinese to win the World Cup soccer. China's corruption soccer dark doomed him to fail, but he has become a permanent star in the hearts of the world!

Junior, said: "If I die later, I would rather go to hell rather than heaven, because hell, I can better hone their own."

From the age of three, it will be holding a firm conviction, juvenile constantly hone their own toward the impossible goal.

This book, I can not write Chinese football. Listen to everyone's ideas, the Chinese do not write everything, emotional women do not write, what words do not cheat so I could not even write what the media and what is not written! Originally intended to write Passion point, but they said too yy, then I would have a reasonable point yy bar!

9, slippers, football novel bian's new book, "Football is round>

1 never had contact with migrant workers be able to play football! You believe it?

However, he will be able to make first contact with professional football players being beaten!

His physique has no competition, and never worry about fitness! You believe it?

However, he was known as the "chain lightning on a golf course"!

By being hit the practice a little trick to break out all over the world! You believe it?

But he let his opponent silent cry!

He eventually able to become the world superstar! You believe it?

But he put the League Cup, Champions League stepped on the foot!


10, an empty football fiction book Zen "never give up the football in my feet>

When the martial arts master in soccer When everything is non-Si-yi.

Just can not see, there is no unexpected; only unexpected, no impossible.

On the pitch, he represented not a person but a team, one country.

The whole country, the whole team, but also because he was a proud man and proud!

When the world is a mention of football, you think of a person's name. What could be more worthy than this thing to fight it?

He is the king of the football world, he is Liuwen Nan!

As long as football is still at the foot, he will never run down

11, the original monkey football fiction book, "I am the champion football dynasty>

China a bit of money the old man, trapped in a very boring English football club's bankruptcy plan B, because the club's bankruptcy will lead to the old man's chain of bankruptcy, he simply plays a game of live-action version of football manager, really let him play water from the wind, enjoying themselves, when a decade later, Abu astronomical opened to him the time of purchase, how he will face you want to know, hey, I also want to know. Really want to know, support what down Look, you can not be achieved the dream of football were all here to achieve eternal 2008-02-29 14:07 how did the class read the novel `football so I do not know which of the ``

12, 【Title】 We Are The Champions


This book tells in a Chinese football against the backdrop of a golden generation, as exemplified by the story of Zhang football career.

While the name is "We Are the Champions", but main characters is Zhang, who is the protagonist of his novels began to write him into professional football, has been retired.

With his eyes, his experience to the reader has outlined a course of development of Chinese football.

There is joy, there is sadness, there is hope, there is loss.

Chinese football career with the Zhang walked forward to the ups and downs.

There is progress, regression, there is darkness, there is bright.

The book's climax is a Chinese team won the World Cup, but this is not the book to be the last to express things.

We Are the Champions is not the true meaning of took a historic world championship, but rather the end of the novel: how Chinese football in the end the need for a kind of championship?

13, 【Title】 quest


This is a realistic work ... ...

OUYANG Dong, a young university student

units of bankrupt, and he laid off, unemployed

but in both a normal Also very much the opportunity, he soon induction of

However, this time the work is very special: playing professional football!

14, 【Title】 Player of the Year


from the street soccer started, the protagonist Lin Feng and his friends were fancy club. Since then, the three yellow constantly on the pitch, changing the Europeans yellow soccer capabilities. Situation changes in the Premiership as they gallop stage.

15, 【Title】 youth soccer dream


"if you can dream, you can do it!"

Football is a dizzying and complex beauty of the dream of a genius is a 9% 10 plus 10% of the talent and sweat!

Junior, is the simultaneous possession of both the infinite future!

Junior football shuttle back and forth between the sweat and dreams!

16, 【Title】 rebirth of football mythology


a born-again story;

a period of rebirth after the creation of the myth;

Is China really cowardly not stand football?

A person's strength can not change the status of Chinese football?

Chinese people can not be a top five leagues in Europe to succeed?

17, 【Title】 rogue Football Manager


a rogue is more than a half-rogue fan,

he was sinister, rogue, lust,

he that ends justify means;

but he inadvertently took coach of a championship path.

18, 【Title】 Yu Huang Star Rings - Soccer Love


black and white football, beautiful and gorgeous woven of human dreams and hope; surrounded by layers of stands, is the thousands of fans surging enthusiasm and expectations; green grass golf course, flowing football is the numerous Kennedy's sweat and tears; take great mission, a legend in the extension of ... ...

19, 【 Title】 【Brief】 Xiongshou Football

"Xiongshou football" integration of man and beast warrior, forged iron and blood players, brutal incomparable personality, fierce and courageous European football. An underworld player become the world's top players the exciting story. For you to show an alternative style of football.

Chinese football there hope? At least we have him, and a gangster after Orc rogue mutation, with violent, overbearing, crazy. Sincere with a patriotism and magic skills, the impact of world football. Chinese football has fallen in, but the Chinese people do not! Let us follow the head "Xiongshou football" into the palace of the World Cup, let the Chinese people were able to Pick up Nazuo golden captivates her audiences Hercules

20, 【Title】 soccer dream crazy

【Brief 】

for each Chinese fans, their hearts have a dream, they want to be able to live long enough to see China's national soccer team glory. But this dream is so distant, decadent FA system, behind the tactical thinking, unrealistic technical training ... all these are restricting the development of football in China to that coveted dream again and again to strangle in the cradle. This article is to describe a dream, a currently only a pen to complete the dream.

21, 【Title】 Soccer who is the king


endless stream of flowing water, in between the opening and shutting the eyelids Love Gone. Summer wind blowing over the Yi Mei, flowers, singing softly. Review of the absolute quiet, pure white, slightly Zhang Yang. Everything beings, and the light of the concern, are happy reasons.

Dream-like grass, there is no smoke without bloodshed, a hidden heart unpredictable storm. The number of adversaries on the hoof, under siege again and again retreated again and again ... ... even if we have full of military strategy, a distance to listen to the battlefield gold tones, it's only the leap drove thousands of miles Huanglong. Huai Qian Lead to mention, after the collapse of the dynasty, you. Immersed in a cold Italian skin, raging whitewater, set off thousands of blood flame ... ... times, with, over, chase, flash, disk, right away, pick, knock ... ... cold-called, a ball mystic channeling network to the end of the Hangyunliushui Psalm rapid completion. Romantic body language, the latent snow and ice, fluctuations in the autumn.

During the day, we are sensible sober, refined conversation, diligent and assiduous; night, falling to the moon in Asia, we Fanglangxinghai, in the starlight Xinjing swaying willow agitation, in the moonlight-fold Ming Chu rushed to a field appointment. Madness of a generation of young people.

Those who fly the football golden days are gone, but football will always bring happiness, I carried on ... ...

22, 【Title】 move the soul of football after the trip


a seemingly very proper job of youth, but with an uncanny football competition, an accident occurred, his soul shifted. To a foreign professional league as a starting point, let me see how the Chinese football hero football were far from home set off the storm. There is joy, there is sadness, there is hope, there is loss, there is an infinite wonderful world of football.

23, 【Title】 Championship Dream


If you are a team fan, then maybe you will hate me;

If you are a star fan, then maybe you would curse me;

If you are a football fan, then please join me to find the former superstar;

If you are a Chinese team that exasperating fans, then please join me in YY bar.

I know it will look great on this book,I myself think it's excellent to see not only yourself unable to stop writing, but also helped me recall a lot of memories! ! !

24, 【Title】 【Brief】 football myth

This is a virtual world, the hero is a Shi-high school students in reading. In an accident, after Wang Shi, a strange ability to obtain, in the different energy assistance, Shi-showed strong football talent, and the team will soon be the case, from win glory for the country embarked on the Road, while at the same time, Shi-invested enterprises are also thriving ... ...

25, 【Title】 love magic. Ball St.


a school with ancestral internal strength of youth, brought up on Huaizhuo dream, work hard practice skills, followed by Zijian to join Olympic team, and incredible being hired, got the chance to play he can. Unlucky in love and Rumo, the golf course made Santa proud and shoulder Chinese soccer hopes, he will give fans a surprise do?

26, 【Title】 football situation was recorded


as the world's birthplace of martial arts, I am convinced the Chinese martial arts strange man, but also convinced them that they had the ability!

Therefore, the Chinese hero of this book will be a proud hawk who are playing characters with martial arts internal forces, since no one compared to his ability can not be evaluation, one thing is sure, he is definitely not what the ingenious master.

Because of his dedication to the sport in China has spared no effort to grant cordial phase, and finally going to become a soccer superstar community, after years of struggle, finally achieved the dream of the author.

27, 【Title】 【Brief】 Chinese number one

Every time I look into the distance the vast night sky, they will think of that period interwoven glory and dream of the day, and many fought with people. Perhaps I have succeeded, perhaps I have failed, but I will bear in mind all this year, I am 13 years old, was a football school admission, was the beginning of my career ... ...

28, 【Book Name】 Verdy King


when China won a gold medal at the Olympics the total number of second success, the world was shocked. A real world sports power in the East rise. Chinese diving dream team, swept the world's national sport, table tennis, five consecutive Chinese women's volleyball, and even by the World Chinese team has also been runner-up honors. However, the Chinese soccer team, the people most attention and emotional investment projects, but not how much joy people back. After numerous disappointments, China ushered in the winter soccer, football market an unprecedented downturn. We must ask the Chinese football can spring be coming?

Football as the world's largest movement, came under scrutiny. Brazilian football with Pele, Argentina had Maradona, Franz Beckenbauer, Germany, France has Puladini Holland Cruyff. Generation number one success of his football at the same time the myth, such as a lead flag, led the descendants continue to catch up with the brilliant predecessors. Chinese football needs a leader, a true spiritual leader to help us regain their confidence, reshape the image of Chinese football. This story is the account of such a Verdy star king of the road.

29, 【Title】 talented young GOAL champion coach


heaven Romance, 25-year-old youth have been revived ... ...

known as the football of his young genius teenager, a severe sports injury so that only 15 years old, he returned to court the possibility is almost zero, stubborn and strong, he chose football coach's career, and soon after the young and talented Chinese coach flashes Europe.

A good doctor was again awakened to his Verdy dreams, he was among the players and coaches how to choose?

You will see the most YY football genius, the youngest of the world-class coach, the best climax of the World Series. A Chinese youth will take you into the infinite Verdy reverie.
304,420,8822010-03-28 08:32:58 +0000 #3
I have seen a football novel, called "We Are the Champions" protagonist named Zhang, he would in Florence

team. Team a lot of Chinese people.

You said this, I have never seen before.
Ju-Yun child2010-03-28 09:05:03 +0000 #4
never seen, but the author's imagination is admirable in this super
dt0100102010-03-28 10:06:44 +0000 #5
Inter Milan in the

is not Moratti's nephew? ? ?
America Blue °2010-03-28 09:57:40 +0000 #6
"We Are the Champions"
angfuangfu2010-03-28 11:10:24 +0000 #7
"Chinese Football Insider"



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