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Football players seeking a recipe

lzy194406062010-03-28 14:11:34 +0000 #1
I am now in school is the center position, height 175CM, weight 60KG

I would like to seek a detailed diet plan, it is best to set out a specific diet meal a day, as well as
bayern272010-03-28 14:23:57 +0000 #2
Experts advise: ordinary people to eat entirely according to this standard are likely to gain weight individuals according to their own conditions as a reference.

In our looks very mysterious gymnastics, basketball, football and weightlifting champion who eat three meals a day and we almost, but with last, but nutrition experts, based on their movement through the characteristics of a special design. Science and Technology Week, the first time to publish this content, although the reason is that the current improving people's living standard, but due to poor diet caused by the disease also increased.

The same time, experts also advise: ordinary people can not fully mimic athlete recipes, or vulnerable to weight gain, while athletes in different projects have different diet, the average person can make reference to their own conditions.

Football players: These are speed-based power, should eat more easily absorbed carbohydrates, vitamin B1, vitamin C, also make up the protein and phosphorus. To eat more fruits and alkaline foods.

Recipe: vegetables eat cucumber, lotus root; staple multi-Chi Baozi, Hanamaki, grains porridge, rice; fish, meat, including beef stew, fish balls, fish head bean curd, dried meat floss; fruit, mostly bananas, dates, and pears.

Gymnast: heat consumption of less, but requires a higher co-ordination, nerve compared with the strain on the weight requirements for control, need more of vitamins B1, C and phosphorus. Should not be too much heat.

Recipe: vegetables eat cucumber, lotus root; meat to eat seafood; staple food of rice and grains; fruit and more bananas cantaloupe; in addition to milk, soy milk, and sports drinks.

Weightlifting athletes: requires greater muscular strength and explosive power, while consuming more calories. For the development of muscle, protein and vitamin B2 required more than the other, carbohydrates and vitamin B1 requirements are also greater.

Recipe: Eat more vegetables cauliflower, cucumbers, potatoes; meat to eat prawns fried kidney, butter beef; drink milk, soy milk, and more bananas.

Basketball players: The heat and a variety of nutrients consumed in large quantities, because of its high incidence of iron deficiency anemia, should be more iron-containing food supplement, in addition, due to sweat more easily dehydrated, should be supplemented with adequate water and electrolyte.

Recipe: vegetables to eat bean sprouts, pickled cucumber, cauliflower, Indian lettuce and carrots; staple foods to eat more rice and corn cake; meat of squid, ham; milk and bananas, cantaloupe. (Wang red)

The researchers put forward the following basic principles:

* Eat less fat, especially animal fat

* increase the cellulose content of the diet to reduce sugar consumption


* to reduce salt intake

■ Fish

strenuous exercise after eating fish can help the body to restore the physical, because the meat is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, this substance can make the muscles fatigue.

■ vegetables, the human body after the loss of a large number of water sports, in addition to water added in addition, an important channels are eating vegetables. Pumpkin, pepper, onion, etc. are all good choices.

rice and pasta made from whole-wheat pasta and rice grains are an important dietary component athletes because they give food to provide a rich carbohydrates, supplementary motor on the body and energy.

■ Milk

intense movement needs a hard bone to support Caixing. Milk contains a lot of calcium, while calcium can help the body's bones become more solid.

■ eggs, an egg provides about 6 grams of protein and 78 calories. Another egg also contains enhancing human immunity, vision and neurological reactions. Recommends men eat three eggs a week.

■ chicken breast contains relatively few calories and fat, but rich in protein.

do not eat ice cream dessert that is also detrimental to health, so after lunch, eat ice cream. Note, however, the best choice for low-fat yogurt or a composition containing ice cream.

sodium foods sodium foods can help men to maintain the body of water to avoid collapse. Therefore, the amount to add some pickles, salty nuts, salty biscuits and other sodium foods is necessary. In addition, when meals can also eat salty soup, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, pepper soup made of.

sports drinks, sports drinks added potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other trace elements such as electrolytes, sugar and vitamins and other ingredients. Who exercise the body will be sweating a lot, not only will lose moisture, but will lose some electrolytes, if only to add water at this time, because osmotic pressure will cause electrolyte leakage inside the cells, so that further loss, so the more they drink the more thirsty the more sweat, causing the body environment, disturbance, and timely to add sports drinks help to regulate bodily functions.



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