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Arsenal VS Manchester United is to use 3D technology, is said to broadcast it?

Price High football foul2010-03-28 16:11:36 +0000 #1
How do I see or 2D screen??
No culture is wonderful, terrible?2010-03-28 16:20:39 +0000 #2
Premier League last week, the focus of war Arsenal and Manchester United home game the first time Britain's Sky Sports Live Premiership 3D technical tests of the

only those in London, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh and other places nine facilities are equipped with 3D TV Bar as a pilot

Only when fans at the bar was fortunate to have witnessed the. . . Want to see 3D game can take a gray plane home to England to find a technical bar to see 哈哈. . .

Sky Sports Channel program in April this year, 3D event broadcasting services will be extended to the UK to more than 100 bar. In addition to football games, in the future there will be more and more sporting events televised by 3D technologies.

December 25 last year, FIFA has officially announced on the World Cup in South Africa, the use of 3D technology, there will be 25 games using the 3D professional video camera, which include South Africa and Mexico in the opening game. FIFA announced that it would be unprecedented in the history of the World Cup broadcast revolution, people from football matches to experience an unprecedented vivid and passion.
Prince Poldi2010-03-28 16:20:15 +0000 #3
Chinese football fans feel the 3D technology, temporarily unable to broadcast the football game because this game 3D broadcast only to London, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Dublin and other regions of the nine bars. It is reported that Sky will be launched in April this year, the first 3D channel, this weekend's home game against Manchester United Arsenal assume personal command of the race has become an early "guinea pigs." Sky TV also promised every weekend will be broadcast through the 3D technology in a Premiership game, and gradually expand the scope of audience.
kongshaw2010-03-28 16:40:41 +0000 #4
yes ah the first time but the pilot in some areas so you do not see
Zhen Qiu fans Ⅱ2010-03-28 17:27:12 +0000 #5
yes, 3D technology, broadcast.



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