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The 2014 World Cup was held in any place

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2014 FIFA World Cup in 2014 will be June 13 to July 13 was held in Brazil.

March 7, 2003, the International Football Association announced the 2014 World Cup will be held in South America is Argentina since 1978 has been, once again be held in South America. March 17 South American Football Federation voted to Brazil as the only fight for the host country. Even so, the International Football Association President Bai Li had been in that Brazil is not up to standard golf course, and suggested a joint bid for Argentina and Chile. In addition to Brazil, Colombia, once in 2006, intends to bid, but the country since April 11, 2007 letter to the International Football Association following the withdrawal, which means that the session has the right to host the World Cup was awarded exclusively to Brazil.

October 30, 2007, the International Football Association announced in Zurich in 2014 men's soccer World Cup held in Brazil, which is Brazil after 1950, following re-host the men's football World Cup, and last, session organized by the wheel five continents.

Brazil will host the 2014 World Cup

Beijing October 30, 2007, FIFA announced in Zurich: Brazil will host the 2014 World Cup!

Although FIFA's rule requiring starting from the 2018 World Cup bid for the right to be is no longer carried out by a rotation, but the 2014 World Cup is still undertaken by the South American countries, although a start in Brazil and Colombia, South American countries have put forward the application to host the World Cup, but eventually withdrew voluntarily giving up the latter, it is almost there is no suspense, and FIFA at its headquarters officially announced that Brazil will host the 2014 World Cup.

the history of the Brazilian national team has been five times to win this football's highest honor, in 1950 Brazil had also hosted the World Cup, but In that session of the tournament, they lost to Uruguay in the final but lost title. In announcing the 2014 World Cup in Brazil as the host country, the Blatter said: "Some countries halfway withdraw from the election, it makes very regrettable. But this election is still beautiful, everything is in our control. Football is an athletic competition, but this time the election is the lack of competition. "
Blatter has questioned the country's infrastructure in Brazil and the Brazilian Football Federation made the bid plans, but FIFA in August 2007 sent a special team, Brazil's stadium were investigated, eventually FIFA decided to give the green light to play for Brazil, "exceptional" allowed to host the 2014 World Cup, so far, Brazil, a total of 10 world-class stadium, of which the most famous Maracana Stadium .

When FIFA President Sepp Blatter announced that Brazil was the 2014 men's football World Cup, the Brazilian members of the delegation embraced with excitement, waiting for as long as half a century, the "Five Star" Brazil has finally re-Yuan World Cup dream.
, Though they have a five wins World Cup glory, but the Brazilians have their own pain - they have never won at home experience.

1950 Brazil World Cup, a draw will be able to win the Brazilian team in an excellent situation than the 0 leading, ultimately been reversed Uruguay, will hand over the title. The next 50 years time, the Kingdom of the Brazilian soccer never had the opportunity to host the World Cup. For this reason, Brazil, tens of millions of fans are anxiously awaiting the last night of this "great moment" to come. Although the result is no suspense, but the Brazilian delegation is still doing a serious statement, Brazil's sports minister Silva, Football Association President Teixeira, national team coach Dunga, Romario turns players into battle. In Brazil, people are able to host the World Cup for the campaign, in which 50 climbers climbed a mountain near Rio de Janeiro, they have a great Brazilian team jersey hung in the peak, jersey behind the impressively read a few big characters: "It is our 2014 World Cup in!"

results were announced, FIFA president Sepp Blatter said: "Brazil will not only have the right, even obligation to run the World Cup 2014." Prior to Bula Brazil had special stadium construction, and doubts about financial planning, but the FIFA inspection team to Brazil in August stadium-building is quite satisfied with the results of the study, where the world's top 10 football pitches. However, Brazil's notorious public order, committing the crime rate per minute was as high as hundreds of times, street violence, inadequate transport facilities and other issues have also plagued the Brazilian people, the stadium was renovated to the required 11 million U.S. dollars and a large No landed, got the World Cup host city of the Brazilian still need to solve many problems.

Nevertheless, the World Cup came to the "soccer kingdom" is still far from convincing. This is like table tennis competition held in China as simple as that, because soccer in Brazil, the country has already risen to the location of the ball. In the World Cup, dominating the first three countries can only perpetuate the Jules Rimet Cup, so far, only the Brazilians to enjoy this honor. Filed Brazilian football, it immediately will be to the samba-like rhythm, superb technology, Xingyunliushui attack like relish. God has given the Brazilian art of charm, Brazil's soccer player it evolved into the Samba soccer football and art, this style of play has been highly appreciated the world. Brazilian football may be short-term downturn, but they always Fengxionghuaji can always be endless. In the Brazilian view, to play just like the day, the Brazilian Football Association president, said: "The Brazilian is to football as a dream, as a hobby, as indispensable to the survival of the elements, football is for all Brazilians, and even beyond the survival of significance. "
" Football home ", which is the European Football Championship in England in 1996 the slogan, meaning that invented the modern soccer in England to re-organized a session of the World Series. Today, Brazilians also shouted the same slogan, because in the eyes of Brazilians, with the originator of modern football in England the kind of disciplined, orderly sequence of European football compared to the Brazilian football displayed in front of the world is a kind of elegant enjoyment. That being the case, let us be patient and wait for seven years after the Brazilians have a perfect answer sheet.

British and Brazilians have been shouting "soccer back home," reminiscent of that, as the origin of the Chinese football when the same can be proud to be a loud cry. World Cup round on all continents to do a system has been abolished, which is China's bid to host the 2018 World Cup is not a good news. Blatter has said he would like to see Britain and China to bid for hosting 2018 World Cup. In the Women's World Cup in September, Chinese Football Association have expressed interest in hosting, but so far beyond mere rhetoric. Now the British have been widely publicized, pre-emptive strike, the Chinese Football Association have any effective follow-up to do?
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