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About CCTV5 broadcast Champions League is not signed by five Central ......

magical wizard two World2010-03-29 01:10:40 +0000 #1
broadcast rights for the Champions League do ..... and then bar on a recent live broadcast of the Champions League did not see CCTV5 the contrary, and the situation CNTV soccer, and then heard before the turn when the host said football what is a broadcast of the Champions League Central 5 cars in a car accident? ? True false? ? Who knows-related news? Excuse ah ---
Kazakhstan House Porter2010-03-29 01:21:01 +0000 #2
Champions League first round because of the Winter Olympics because it changed and the situation in the CNTV football broadcast, CCTV5 channel is now the equivalent of Winter Olympics.

CCTV has the next three season's Champions League broadcast rights, but also the mainland only, so other stations can not broadcast Champions League.

CNTV and the CCTV's situation is the product of football, so CCTV5 because of the Champions League and the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games broadcast live the Champions League when the crash can not be taken up by CNTV and FY football broadcast.

Has now been identified 1 / 8 final first leg and the situation would certainly be through CNTV football broadcast, while the second round because no unexpected end of the Winter Olympics will be re-broadcast by CCTV5 and the football situation.

As for the Champions League broadcast trucks this matter is certainly not, CCTV just bought the broadcast rights, but the broadcast television signal is produced in Europe, we are not so much CCTV capability to send a broadcast truck in the past broadcast the Champions League, but others provided screen the signal broadcast by CCTV only. CCTV is currently only sent a car live football games held in China, foreign production level far above the CCTV, CCTV did not need to run for. To give a simple example, the Premiership all the pictures all from Sky TV signal, and then broadcast around the world buy the contract.



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