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In 2002, Li has not selected the national team's questions [old topic]

YHWCHYSHZHW2010-03-29 04:12:11 +0000 #1
1 Li is not selected, are right or wrong? Should be the case? No Ming, for the national team lost 4, no goals. Impact do?

2 Li Ming was not selected, is squeezed by whom to go on? If we are selected, who will be kicked out?

3, how do you see Ming? Evaluation.

4 he was handsome and do?
Peach Beast2010-03-29 04:17:32 +0000 #2
1. China at that time even if there is a Macy's, there are C-Lo, and certainly lose. Is there much difference between Li Ming.

2. Ma Mingyu bar, when he played a few of the most foul. But this person was more to operate, but also became captain, and precisely because of this, he will not be kicked out, so Ming can not be selected.

3. Ming who workout Stockport team, then coach Kane have more pertinent to his evaluation: a perfect pass can be done occasionally, but most of the time passing are high Pianman, it is difficult to adapt to English crown rhythm. Breakthroughs have a certain ability, but very difficult for the British crown base.

4. Chinese players, the biggest feature is cool-looking, played foul, embroidered pillow.
Xiao-bin GB2010-03-29 04:27:17 +0000 #3
on the first floor, you are against the Ma Mingyu? Want to know Ma Mingyu, also went to Serie been, he has been captain of that session of the national team, as far as I know, when the squeeze is not to say by whom go on, but Milutinovic did not choose him. At that time Li was unhappy, he said he struggled as a whole for the Chinese youth football, until a dream realized, he himself has become an outsider, very sad. At that time there is another young man was not selected, he called Li Jinyu! However, Li glow in the 2004 Asian Cup second spring, showing very good! In the final, scored a beautiful goal to tie the game, but for subsequent Japanese team handball goal and a foul after the counterattack, the result is difficult to say ......



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