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Kunitari what it means to beat South Korea

2008 China Jiao son2010-03-29 12:10:10 +0000 #1

xiaoma24kr2010-03-29 12:14:43 +0000 #2
once again proved the strength of disparity between the teams played again a large number of more are also possible anomalies
QQ2911068512010-03-29 12:23:13 +0000 #3
Haha, means that the rise of the Chinese Football
day の Winter2010-03-29 12:55:35 +0000 #4
mean - Kunitari believed in the spring of Columbia, said before the game, Gao Hongbo rate team to visit Costa Rica spring, spring straight brother said something, "Brother get it!"
wuxinfbi2010-03-29 12:23:35 +0000 #5
implies China's football completely out of the quagmire of corruption and dirty back to 90-year peak
Warrior's bottom line2010-03-29 12:33:07 +0000 #6
2008 Olympic Games

I joined the Chinese national team

kick the ball faster than the meteors

do not believe can not win the Korean team !

When a few years ago the "National Common Primary School - fourth grade textbooks of Chinese reading," this is called "hope" which included the children's song, when even the article's author must have had the status of the Chinese Football expressed despair, we can only expect, "beat the Korean team" It's an ambitious goal should be to sit down and the next generation of elementary school classroom to complete ...

In the pre chief editor of Asia John Durden dished out the column, "When will China win South Korea end "Gong Han Jeung"? "When a lot of audacity to South Korean fans had a message board using audacity lame English, said:" The answer is only one - forever! "," This is the law of the earth, "" dream of not even think about! " "Republic of Korea 10-0 "......

However, in the February 10, 2010 the night before the surviving expedition immediately after class, or even by the police to investigate possible Gao Hongbo led a group of do not actually have been optimistic about the outside world The player is completely broken in the cold in Tokyo 32 years of the Chinese team of international A-match numerous South Korean team's embarrassing history. History of football in China before the end of the darkest moments of today, actually able to sweep aside the dark clouds to see the dawn of success! Even if we have are bad to the point is nothing to add, but still have the strength of Asia's strongest draw in Japan, three-ball win over since the 1982 World Cup has never stopped the "Taiji Hu" South Korea ... Chinese soccer practitioners and the fans if it is in love with this beautiful sport, we have no reason to ashamed in front of others!

Comments in this game after the match results, the humble Gao Hongbo still not in this historic victory and appears to be complacent, but to sum up the mentality of a smooth historical factors, tactical properly plus lucky. "" I am very pleased to be able to win the race, we are ready to race some time ago the work is quite correct. I think China has done a good two, the first one is the mentality, whether it is lead or when the opponent full-scale assault, we are relatively peaceful state of mind. "

" Followed by the development of tactics, especially Dewey, Feng Xiaoting, Qu Bo three veteran players doing well, making the team tactics play a very unified, very strong;, of course, sports games have luck element, such as the say that we are seven foot shot into the three, it should be said that luck on our side, "said Gao Hongbo said.

In the detailed summary, Japan and South Korea's overall level, and even Gao Hongbo said:" with Japan and South Korea After the game, I still feel that our overall strength of the opponent under. "

However, the low-key speech coach was immediately overwhelmed by the acclaim and praise among fans, as of the February 10 Beijing time 22:00, in China's top portals Sina, already as many as 13148 of a message for the Chinese team's victory to congratulate her. At this moment, the Chinese soccer is no longer ugly, shameful, incompetent synonymous with cheap shots, swearing, ironically, language is also out of the market, the Chinese football tonight, appearing on the world's Dian - even if we just beat our neighbors South Korea, but felt the Italian fans exalted in the 2006 World Cup, Spain won Euro 2008 fans after the thrill.

Football is an art, is a beautiful movement, but also underlines the strength of modern civilized world, state to state, so that people feel the dignity and pride one of the most common way. Since the takeoff of the Chinese dragon in the economic, political and sports (not including temporary football) all aspects of be able to catch up, come to the forefront of the world, football why not? When the Chinese people really want to do one thing, we really can do it!

night belongs to Chinese football is a once in a 32-year celebration, At this moment of you and me, please follow the TV Western fans enjoy the unbridled celebration of the same bar! Open New Year's Eve was prepared to drink beer out of the discharge prepared for three days after the New Year fireworks, telephone a friend from the night of the fans awakened, in order to Chinese football crazy to celebrate this memorable occasion!

This is what football should give us pleasure, we have finally gotten through to today! hope there is more ...
poppy82010-03-29 15:03:03 +0000 #7
Humiliation Houyong
a missile2010-03-29 15:34:03 +0000 #8
means that the national team played a successful race.



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