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▲ ▲ I'd like to play online and so can my father do not agree, how do I pass, he said,

ypxikaka2010-03-29 18:12:01 +0000 #1
I have a professional team playing for a year, and also to Luneng tested, but he might think that I was having children and take the job Lu is just like gambling, I do not want to give up halfway, I would like to play ball on this one hobby, I know, and his trouble, no good result, how do I say pass him
wangtanyu_392010-03-29 18:25:50 +0000 #2
Why did your dad give you an early age go to play? In fact, you have a professional team playing football. This shows that have been very easy. But by this time you, as an adult to be responsible for their own.

1, first of all look at themselves. You are not fit for this team is not fit to continue for Tixia Qu.

2, look at teams, you think you are a professional force that is where the future for development, professional teams like the work of our company, and companies have promising is the same.

3, to play when the occupation, then our work is the same general reason, one is with professional job-hopping, do you like the transfer, but also clubs, Luneng to you? Luneng do not want you to go to Beijing and Shanghai.

4, the other is to change jobs in different areas of expertise, in the time of making a choice is to seriously. Just want to abandon their profession, enter a new area of expertise, there is always helpless nostalgia, I do not know of the mistake.

More than that are serious, Do not play when "play." Treat it as a work in the future you want as a living to support their families. If you want to change is necessary to get to there early.
Small Yunfei 12010-03-29 18:34:28 +0000 #3
seriously and your father to talk about! ! You have grown up, can be responsible for their own a!



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