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Higuain than C Luo Qiang Yao

dsfds1fg212010-03-29 22:10:16 +0000 #1

kongshaw2010-03-29 22:25:44 +0000 #2
Big Brother that they are not a type of two are not comparable Higuain is a striker and winger c Lo is the only guest forwards each has its advantages can be a more comprehensive technical bar C Luo speeds are quite strong explosive force Higuain scored some superb shooting technique is highly effective to say that playing one-center terms Higuain stronger than the C students, but C Luo Luo breakthrough capability can cause great pressure on each other's line of defense in order to create space when teammates Higuain is the impact on their own to rival the impact of defense and the lock on the kung fu is not bad from the current situation Higuain could grow into a world-class striker to give him as long as Real Madrid As for the C environment for the growth room for growth in general of the Luo
xihuanaiziji2010-03-29 22:23:22 +0000 #3
no C strong in all aspects, of course, did not differ much. After all, he was still young, but also to grow a few years to see how. If according to the present rate of progress, or not without potential
America Blue degrees2010-03-29 22:46:51 +0000 #4
small pipe Higuain current capacity is indeed strong, but the overall point of view, Higuain has not yet been reached C Lo capabilities.

Ball-handling ability:

C Lo dazzling dribbling extraordinary, Huzuohuyou false move, and suddenly before suddenly after Huzuohuyou pull the ball, Marseille roundabout and so on, these are not available Higuain the height and stature.

Score capacity:

Higuain shot with a strong ability to score, but mostly the right foot, left foot and heading ability in general, long-range and capacity; C Lo to score the ability for all to see the right and left foot open bow, respectively, while a header technology is good, long-range ability is superb. Taken together, Higuain can be described as top-scorer, but Toudingjiaoti C-Lo are super-class striker. Real Madrid this season, with and without C Lo reflected in the performance evident.


Higuain capacity of the current free-kick had not been the impressive performance, C Romania's free-kick ability to become a name a long time.


Higuain Real Madrid passing ability to camp can only say that in general, quite satisfactory, rarely out of color performance. C Lo's passing, although there is no Ronaldinho, "Wang evaded the pass he was" the ability of the diversion, there is no Ronaldinho's Shenlongbaiwei, but C is still passing Lo surprising and very confusing, and penetrating power.

Market value:

this season, Luo C to record the price of super-move to Real Madrid, has proven its worth. At the same time, C Luo is the main force of the Portuguese national team and a brother, took part in the European Cup and World Cup, soccer, Mr. He holds the same time, endorsement N international brand products. On the market value at this moment Romania Higuain and C are not comparable.

To sum up we can see that, at present there is no C Luo Qiang Higuain.
Mad Yan Long Huang2010-03-29 23:32:38 +0000 #5
C Luo technology more comprehensive and better free kick ah
TooOldTrafford2010-03-29 23:24:49 +0000 #6
C Lo is currently the offensive side of the player is not one of the most comprehensive

Higuain is clearly not as good as he
_10, No. 92010-03-29 23:27:16 +0000 #7
character should be stronger than the C bar
Costa says this peak2010-03-29 22:32:09 +0000 #8
C Luo various aspects are clearly far better than multi-chip Higuain is a short-lived role in ...



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