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Is this the first football background music called?

luckylongen2010-03-30 10:10:40 +0000 #1

Will start 44 minutes and 25 seconds What is the background music?
86,102,411,2342010-03-30 10:19:00 +0000 #2
Enrique Iglesias From the Don't turn off the light is definitely a classic not to be missed!

A number of classic songs. Classic strength is infinite, and will not fade over time. Who had listened to the classic oldies though numerous times, but whenever the familiar melody in the ears ringing. Still feel that those songs are still sounding sweet. This is probably the classic strength.

Don't Turn off the Lights do not turn off the lights

I don't have to tell you I do not have to tell you all,

What this is all about my heart at the think.

'Cause baby half the fun because the fun lies in the fact,

Is in us figuring it all out we can have consonance with each other.

So why you gotta ask me why why you ask me,

What I'm doing now what I am doing now?

'Cause I don't like to question because I do not like people ask me,

What I still haven't found I'm not sure things.

So don't turn off the lights So do not turn off the lights,

I don't wanna be tonight I do not want to

In the dark tonight spent in the dark.

Cause I can't read your mind because I do not know what you're thinking,

I need to know if I do not know

What I'm doing is right to do so right.

Don't turn off the lights so please do not turn off the lights.

So tell me how to tell me how we can

We're gonna get there looks Sishou,

It's hard to even try it very difficult.

But if we move together but if we stubbornly persists,

We'll end up on the same side we will no longer separated.

If you could know if you know

What I'm feeling my feelings,

Would you run and you run away do?

Where would you go would you go?

If you want to see if you want to know

What I'm thinking I wonder what,

Then just turn on the lights as long as the Da Kaideng

And you'll know you will know.



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