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Qiujiao 433 with the 4321 formation characteristics

kjy0012010-03-30 13:11:16 +0000 #1

Cryunile2010-03-30 13:20:50 +0000 #2
On the attacking force, in fact, may not be able to separate the par, they have their own characteristics: 4321 Middle Road ferocious attack on an exception; 433 stressed that both sides, the situation play a more open, all-round attack. Instance, the 433 classic example of the Netherlands, while the 4321 has Carlo Ancelotti, AC Milan, as exemplified by the times.

Defense on the 4321 Road to better contain the other offense, 433 through the other side is even more pressure on both sides of the defense so that no pressure on the back side.

433 and 4321 have emphasized that a center has a full capacity, but the ball ability. 433 need superior double-winger; 4321 require the impact of strong double-Qian Yao. If one is Ding Si, Na overall have become a problem!

433 and 4321 of the midfield differentiated, 433 can be two of the three midfield before a post can also be a pre-post-2; 4321 the best offensive and defensive rating is almost 3. 433 needs 3 strong in the midfield on both sides of the wings cover the capabilities, which is physically well, pass the ball a strong ability to timely plug winger passes can also be added on both sides against.

4 back in 4321 and 433 the difference is not significant.

If it is operating properly, 4321 could be formed quickly Rd penetration, so that the other party in the backcourt full of loopholes! 433 all-round attack, so no way to defend themselves against the other side!

However, the general operation of 433 is easier than the 4321 is good, the face of Tie Tongzhen more effective, although the 4321 play is more ornate, 433 or more is recommended!

Hey, do not see the picture before. The three forwards, of course you have to wait 433 strategy! Midfielder Michael Essien, after three home, 2D pre-press 啦!
wuxinfbi2010-03-30 13:18:31 +0000 #3
??? not figure ah

433: Of course it is offensive, but the better team coordination. If a player mistake would cause a collective out of line. Great risk. Personal ability but also strong

4321: The Lineup is generally often used. Should be no technical requirements. Overall consistency is good. Low risk are generally "lazy" players like! Of course, slightly more backward in attack power. But if you paste bovine individual skills superior forwards then you this team will have a future. The rear should be worry-free.



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