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Vieira and Keane how the scores are going

abcbb7312010-03-30 15:10:17 +0000 #1
I only know that point of fur. They do not know how old scores in the end. Personal Daoshi extreme like Vieira. . .
Kazakhstan House Porter2010-03-30 15:25:39 +0000 #2
mainly refers to the assumption of Adams retired Gunners captain Patrick Vieira and Manchester United captain Roy Keane's grievances, but also the year the scores Manchester United and Arsenal.

First, the two can become the captain was mainly due to the two men are rebellious personality type, while the two teams in the field both as a lumbar, so the two men compete for the Premiership can be seen as the first lumbar, The first captain of the competition, while the two men as the midfield battle directly affects the process of opposing teams. This game is also based on two well-known tough, Fei Chan constantly.

Classic Event

1.98-99 season's FA Cup semi-final, Arsenal and Manchester United meet, Patrick Vieira and Manchester United captain Roy Keane's story began for the race in a very classic shot: Vieira 1 slap hit Keane's face, Keane is not naturally good crop, he immediately hit back. Both players, if not curbed in time, punched and kicked two men will continue to carry out some fierce battles.

2. In February 2005 in a league, Manchester United away 4-2 victory put an end to Arsenal's unbeaten home record, while Patrick Vieira and Roy Keane before the game in the channel conflict. It is learned that at that time mainly to the other side Vieira Gary - Neville provocation, when Keane rushed to the chanting: "a kind of washed me." If it is not when the value of referee in a timely manner the two separate, Patrick Vieira and base En are likely to bring color play. This is also the two most classic grudge.

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