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Which is known as Japan's Mao Dun Prize

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Naoki Prize for

of the last century, Japan has a somewhat strange writer, he got a case Uemura. 31-year-old that year, he gave himself the pen name, to "inject" a word split into "Naoki" as a surname, but also to make the name of their own age, so called "Naoki 31." Then each year the change with age, he renamed the "Naoki 32" "Straight Wood 33" until 35 years old, "Naoki 35" has become that he no longer change the name.

But even had to change down, the writer ultimately can only be called "straight wood 43" --- in 1934 he died at the age of 43. Naoki during his lifetime and well-known Japanese writer Ryunosuke Akutagawa and others are friends. Akutagawa's death in 1927, when the straight wood, after the death of someone in order to commemorate them, and in 1935 established two awards: Naoki Prize and the Akutagawa Prize.

Not long ago, 135th Naoki Prize Announced --- you have to ask: the creation of only 71 years, why it awarded so many awards?

And in general the different awards, the Naoki Prize awarded twice a year. The award was originally established who also serves as an editor of literary magazine, so the magazine has been responsible for the Naoki Prize for the work. There was a saying in response to a year in February, two off-season in August, were on purposely set up the prize award date will be set up in these two time, relying on hype to attract the reader's eye.

Naoki Prize object is published journal articles and monographs each year for the first time limit the scope of awards the previous year in December to switch on-year in May where the works will be published later in the second when the Participation Awards election. Each time, the jury will be to the writer, magazine editor and other stakeholders to consult, and then recommend the selection of some works by a number of the panels will be screened and finally after many focus on, in the selection of works identified in one or two works, grant awards. Its adjudicators more well-known writer in Japan, the current list includes the famous Watanabe.

Naoki Prize for its public nature of the claims that it works to enjoy a strong narrative element, and never will be famous as the selected object, but more concerned about the new and unknown writers, and the winners are generally only get a prize. It is a bonus of about two million yuan, is not high, but once the award-winning writers, as rule as emperor, you can easily rely on this title and asked him to return for high rewards and, therefore, be regarded as literature, young people into the body of the order.

In China, published by the Naoki Prize for literature works of small, Yilin Press in 1990 launched the "exotic Female Assassin" (winning the first half of 1989); 2000 Culture and Arts Publishing House launched the "Love" (second half of 1995 Awards ), the same year "immoral knives"; the South China Sea in 2008 published a "suspect X, devotion"; in October 2008 the People's Literature Publishing House published a "multi-fields to facilitate the House."
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Japan there are two prizes of concern, comparable to the contradiction between the Chinese mainland literary prize for literature.

1, Naoki Prize, is the main socio-cultural Society Spring and Autumn Period, the Japanese literary scene of the acknowledged leaders of the Kikuchi Kan was established in 1935 to reward the public literature.

2, Akutagawa Prize, which is awarded purely literary writer.

Naoki Prize and the Akutagawa Prize, these two awards, twice a year in January and in July selection.



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