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Since 1990, the city of Milan which players transfer?

Zezheng2010-03-31 11:10:54 +0000 #1
Since 1990, which the players direct transfer from AC Milan to Inter Milan players?

1990 years, which the players from the direct transfer to Inter Milan AC Milan players?

2010-02-08 16:29 supplementary question

1990 years, which the players direct transfer from AC Milan to Inter Milan?

1990 years, which the players direct transfer from Inter Milan to the AC Milan?

fengzewen32015812010-03-31 11:18:30 +0000 #2

Transfer Time: 1982, 1991

transfer process: from Inter Milan to AC Milan

very few players like Serena, as the continuous dealings between the two teams in the same city. 1978/1979 season, Serena at Inter Milan, and then he went to Como, Barry, in the 1981/1982 season, he returned to Inter Milan, but a season, he went to AC Milan. If you think he's edge to do this with Inter Milan, he is mistaken, because the 1983/1984 season, he returned to Inter Milan. More than a year later he chose to leave. The next three years, he went to Turin city, and has played for Juventus of Turin and the two rival clubs. In 1987, Serena put on the 4th Inter Milan jersey, and different from the past, this time he spent four years and in the 1988/1989 season and helped the Nerazzurri won the league title, then a season He also became the league with 22 goals top scorer. In 1991, Serena once again to leave Inter Milan and AC Milan, joined the second time. There is no doubt, for Serena, the last time to join AC Milan some unwise, because it gives much like his dissatisfaction with Inter Milan fans. Inter Milan won the 2006/2007 season, after the ceremony, when the host read the scene to Serena's name, the fans cheering fans were also mixed with some boos.


Transfer Time: 1997

transfer process: from Inter Milan to AC Milan

1995, Ganz joined Inter Milan from Atlanta, two seasons, he played 68 times for the Nerazzurri , scored 36 goals, but also regarded as an efficient decent striker. However, with Ronaldo to join, Ganz unable to continue his career at Inter Milan. The summer of 1997, Ganz leave Inter Milan, and his next stop not far away, he would simply pick up the next luggage, and went to AC Milan a report. In AC Milan's first season, Ganz will get the league title. However, he did not get when he was in Milan coach Alberto Zaccheroni's confidence, after all, a lot of time in Milan's attacking players. But it is worth mentioning that the effectiveness of AC Milan, Ganz had in the Cup against Inter Milan, when a hat-trick.


Transfer Time: 2000

transfer process: from Inter Milan to AC Milan

1994, Brocchi from the Milan youth academy graduate, but he did not stay in Milan in Luo. From 普罗塞斯托 to lumezzane and then to Verona, Brocchi early career can be displaced to describe. In 2000, he went to Inter Milan, but a season, he returned to AC Milan. However, in AC Milan's four seasons, Brocchi flies are not happy, and later leased as he once again joined the Florence. In Viola, Brocchi played well, can be leased back to the end of San Siro, he was unable to be recognized. Last summer, Brocchi joined Lazio. Although Brocchi in Rome, the city found the joy of soccer, but he has time or will return to Milan city, he would often drink coffee AC Milan goalkeeper Christian Abbiati.

Andrea Pirlo

Transfer Time: 2001

transfer process: from Inter Milan to AC Milan

brought Pirlo, Inter Milan fans believe that every one will be crying in the corner, but Moratti will therefore extremely sorry, because Andrea Pirlo was the Inter Milan player, but now, he was AC Milan's great masters. However, the need to point out that, although Andrea Pirlo was the Inter Milan player, but he Meazza, when a coach have not reuse any of him, he is either sitting on the bench, or is to be leased out. But rather moved on to AC Milan after Andrea Pirlo super star in order to truly grow up. Especially in the former AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti's careful cultivation, the AC Milan midfielder Andrea Pirlo has become the core of his position in the lumbar play very well at the foot of its exquisite technology and leisurely style, let him become a master figure.


Transfer Time: 2002

transfer process: from Inter Milan to AC Milan

Many people say that Seedorf is a title collector, and his achievements in the Champions League Not only would no one will follow probably without parallel in history, he was the only one made on behalf of three different teams of players over the Champions League title. In Ajax, he won the Champions League title, Real Madrid, he won the Champions League title, in the AC Milan, he has twice won the Champions League title. However, Inter Milan was a two-year period, Seedorf Quemo left to give Inter Milan fans are too many good memories, and that against Juventus when the two long-range regarded as one of the few classics in mind. However, AC Milan, Inter Milan to join the are given, the Dutch suddenly revitalized, he not only helped the team win two Champions League titles, but also led AC Milan to win the first league championship, a World Club Cup and the two times European Super Cup.


Transfer Time: 2002

transfer process: from AC Milan to Inter Milan

In a smoker, party animals, clothing manufacturers, as well as people all day long before the fantasy become a movie star, Francisco coco a talented football players in Italy, there was a period of time, then played for AC Milan's Paolo Maldini is the new Section was considered. The summer of 2002, Section interchangeable with Seedorf joined Inter Milan boss could move this time has become a turning point in his career. At the international Milan, Section does not grow into the great Italian left back, and he also openly expressed, Inter Milan in November 2003 his surgery was a wrong decision because from then on, he often wound disease only friends. It is interesting that, until now Section also dreams of becoming a movie star, he is still waiting for big-time director Steven Spielberg calls.


Transfer Time: 2005

transfer process: from Inter Milan to AC Milan

the summer of 2005, Christian Vieri and Inter Milan termination, but no one would have thought that just a few days later , Christian Vieri put on the AC Milan jersey. Inter Milan fans Gengrang strange is that with the Rossoneri signed Christian Vieri, the immediate moment talking about the new owner of the good things, "AC Milan let me continue to have the opportunity to stay in Serie A play, continue to be known I would like to thank the club. "It is worth mentioning that, even if the balls to leave AC Milan, he continued to see AC Milan, Inter Milan is better than that," AC Milan is the effectiveness of my career, the best club. In the past, I have Milan, the city had been wrong to stay inside the other team. "Of course, for Christian Vieri is led to his hard to accept that Moratti had been bugging his phone. To this end, Christian Vieri and Inter Milan have been to court.

Transfer Mancini Time: 2010

transfer process: from Inter Milan to AC Milan

This winter, Mancini has been the transfer market activists. Inter Milan Gabriele Oriali in an interview once said that Mancini is not inside the club's plans. AC Milan in the transfer before the Brazilian and French side Marseille club very close, and once was close to signing, but in the end, Marseille abandoned Mancini, because Brazilians too arrogant, he does not want to leave the Serie A to the French football. It is interesting that AC Milan in the transfer process, it is strongly Mancini asked to leave. It is reported that Mancini is to join AC Milan on loan as the summer when the Rossoneri have a right of first refusal on the Brazilian.

This is from 1998 to 2009, the transfer list



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