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The evening broadcast of the Champions League CCTV5 do

klep19862010-03-31 14:11:12 +0000 #1
RT detailed points
seeyou12392010-03-31 14:21:14 +0000 #2
do not live


Bayern vs Fiorentina FY Football

Arsenal vs Porto Guangdong Sports
Lord sophomore you2010-03-31 14:21:48 +0000 #3
evening CCTV-5 is not broadcast

Guangdong Sports and CCTV Feng Yun Soccer Channel broadcast if the stations do not receive the two sets can choose online viewing
guo4111377242010-03-31 15:01:52 +0000 #4
do not live, and if the reason is because Winter Olympics, CCTV regarded time on top of it!



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