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Chinese soccer team why the T to the Korean team won?

wuyang8182010-03-31 16:11:49 +0000 #1
Chinese football team to the South Korean team why T wins?

Can anyone tell me why?

Is the day of the entire team has been possessed by aliens?
America Blue-degree2010-03-31 16:28:19 +0000 #2
First, South Korea sent the standard second-tier players (alternate team) participate in the competition, aimed at training young talent, the selection of players for the World Cup in South Africa.

Second, South Korea underestimate the enemy.东亚四强赛 ago, China had eyes on the Hong Kong team to a resounding victory Kunitari, and to years ago, Chinese football, anti-counterfeiting anti-crime, and no one to Kunitari when the dish to look at.

Third, the luck element. Against Japan, the audience was Japan Crimping war, China has no tactics, even without technology, draw in luck; to South Korea, but also by simply relying on rude play, despite winning the race, but it also lost the football, China has sent is not the football team, but the wrestling team.
sunyibof2010-03-31 16:42:28 +0000 #3
winning probability of the event is normal ah 哈哈
FY ¢ wind2010-03-31 17:27:39 +0000 #4
countries intensified their efforts to uproot! ! !
yutinginter2010-03-31 16:30:29 +0000 #5
very likely that another alien possession, my evaluation of my day is all A stream of the Korean team. Oh, actually I think the deeper reason is that China is anti-crime crackdown Perhaps these people think that good performance might be able to reduce or mitigate penalties for it, redeem oneself. We really want is for this reason, I was really little scared that our players have not previously entered for the motherland had power, they have the ability, but is unwilling to contribute to arguments.



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