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About FIFA ONLINE2 Chelsea line-up

Zhang spring chill2010-03-31 18:11:33 +0000 #1
my team there are goalkeeper Petr Cech

后卫阿什利科 尔博辛瓦阿 Laishiliao Ferdinand Terry

midfielder Michael Essien Michael Ballack Malouda

兰帕德德科forward 阿内尔卡罗比尼 奥德罗巴乔 Cole

help me choose a starting lineup, then what formation, which position can be used off the bench who do? What my team members still missing? How can I get? Well to answer a plus! - Do not want copied -
Bear Ying XY2010-03-31 18:20:00 +0000 #2
see what type of technology you are, if you used the words inscribed on the 433, if more balanced play it

two formations on the 442 back which should be Alex did a better replacement, left-back Ashley Cole, Bosingwa at right-back, two central defender Rio Ferdinand and John Terry to play with midfielder Michael Essien Yao Da

solid defensive midfielder, playing time of 433 left and right sides can be Lampard and Deco were the Deco or Ballack, and, if need for speed, then you can consider Malouda, Joe Cole can actually play avant-garde edge; hit 442, I recommend Lampard Frontal, side Deco and Malouda. Ballack can play the fullback can do Lampard Substitute

striker Didier Drogba line above the 433 top center slightly positive on both sides want to kind of fast and flexible, like Robbie and Joe Cole. Substitute Anelka Drogba can do, if the 442 on the Drogba / Anelka + Joe Cole / Robbie.

Who just does not feel your team, if the Challenger Cup double battle to fight off the bench needs a few more, you are the Premiership Well, several people recommended that Kazakhstan: William Gallas, Patrice Evra, Zhirkov, Wall Kurt, Nani, Arshavin.

Personally feel that 4321 and 433 similar, estimated to Liverpool fans, your friend is right, I think Fitzgerald did not need to, you have Frank Lampard and Michael Ballack, and Torres did not need Drogba and Anelka sufficient, to what were mainly the lack of anything, rather than which players stronger.

The game which players can buy the transfer market, players can buy cards, or by pumping cards, a total of three ways.

Oh, and finally, Happy New Year yo ---
samcasell2010-03-31 18:22:00 +0000 #3
reality game sure to score 442 woven around 433 center DROGBA everyone to see you like a different



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