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Venue Name篇

field / pitch pitches

midfield midfield

backfield after the field

kickoff circle / center circle circle

halfway line in the middle

touchline / sideline sideline

goal line

end line bottom-line goal line

penalty mark (penalty) penalty spot

penalty area restricted areas (penalty area)

goal area a small restricted area (goal area)

coach the team title of chapter

head coach coach coach

football player soccer players

referee referees

lineman linesman

captain / leader Captain

forward / striker striker

midfielder avant-garde

left midfielder left to right

right midfielder avant-garde avant-garde

attacking midfielder attacking midfielder (Qianyao)

defending midfielder Defensive midfielder (lumbar)

center forward center

full back defender

center back in the back

left back left back

right back right back

sweeper street sweeper, delayed Zhongwei

goalkeeper / goalie goalkeeper cheerleader

cheer team football articles

kick -off kick-off

bicycle kick / overhead kick overhead kick

chest-high ball and a half golf

corner ball / corner corner

goal kick goal kick

handball handball

header header

penalty kick penalty

place kick positioning the ball

own goal own goal

hat-trick hat-trick

free kick free kick

direct free kick direct free kick

indirect free kick Indirect free kick

stopping stopping

chesting chest, stopping

pass pass

short pass short pass

long pass a long pass

cross pass high cross

spot pass the ball pass in place

consecutive passes consecutive passes

take a pass catcher

triangular pass triangular pass

flank pass sideline pass

lobbing pass a high hanging ball

volley pass volley pass

slide tackle sliding tackle

rolling pass / ground pass to Bowls

flying header flying header

clearance kick siege

shoot shoot

close-range shot past

long shot long-range shot

offside offside

throw-in throw

block tackle a positive Steals

body check block

fair charge a reasonable collision

diving header plate diving head the ball

dribbling the ball, dribbling

clean catching (goalkeeper) take golf

finger-tip save (goalie) care saves

offside offside

deceptive movement Feint

break through break

kick-out kicked out of football and tactics articles circles

set the pace to master the rhythm attack

ward off an assault repulsed an offensive

break up an attack damaged an offensive

disorganize the defence disrupt the defensive

total football the whole defensive soccer tactics to attack the whole curtain

open football soccer tactics

off-side trap tactic

wing play winger offside tactics

time wasting tactics delaying tactics

4-3-3 formation 433

4-4-2 formation formation 442 Formation

beat the offside trap against offside

foul foul

technical foul technical foul

break loose from the

control the midfield control the midfield

set a wall a wall

close-marking defence overseeing defensive style of play


half-time interval intermission

round robin round robin

group round robin group match

extra time extra time

elimination match knockout

injury time injury time

golden goal / sudden death golden goal system, sudden death

eighth-final knockout round

quarterfinal quarterfinals

semi-final semi-final

final match final

preliminary match preliminaries

one-sided game one-sided game play

competition regulations Regulations

disqualification disqualified

match ban ban

doping test ordered drug test

draw / sortition draw

send a player off a fine appearance

red card red card

yellow card yellow card

goal goal, goals

draw draw

goal drought scoring drought

ranking ranking (ranking)

Some of the specialized terminology and common word order is as follows (not including the rules already contain the name and words):

1, a fine-scale refers to the strict level of penalty, which includes the right foul, yellow and red cards and other aspects of the use of stringent ;

2, enabling players to master has been a foul, the referee do not think that sentence more favorable to the party have been violated, he did not make a fine;

3, the top cattle referees and assistant referees to judge indicated to the contrary;

4, misjudged the wrong penalty;

5, Loupan does have players foul and should be fined but not sentenced;

6, anti-sub-contractors should have been awarded to Team B is awarded a team kick-off kick-off (mainly referring to free kick, but also foul ball, goal kick or corner kick);

7, commuted to change the original sentencing;

8, and missed assistant referee flags indicate the flag, but the referee did not see;

9, press flag referees Members saw the assistant referee's flag showing, while the referee does not think the flag as he made a fine showing as a signal flag showing he recovered;

10, spring flags assistant referee indecision, to lay down their flag raised again;

11, even the kicking team kick-off after no other team ball again before the ball (including a free kick, penalty kick, foul ball, goal kick, corner kick);

12, it is meant to assist the foul assistant referee the flag to indicate a team foul in order to assist the referee for penalty. But literally not help, the penalty, but to assist foul, whether it should be changed to "co-foul."

13, to assist District previously assistant referee near a more clear-cut area can help fine foul, and now has been to help foul penalty without geographic restriction, therefore, assist the district basically completed its historic mission;

14, Running post did not hesitate to referee in the penalty decision, but blowing the whistle;

above order any mistakes please be criticized and corrected, added that the hope of professional referees in our terms and commonly used words in order to perfect the use of continuous and rich, and further to make it standardized, so that we in the business to explore in-depth learning and improvement.

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