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Mr. Ballon d'Or how the selection of the?

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No people do not know?
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The award is from "France Football" magazine since 1956 held the world's football of the most famous and influential, one of the largest selection of football awards. Every year, the magazine published a list of candidates in advance, by UEFA 53-member veteran of sports media, journalists and French "Equipe" magazine a total of 96 judges to vote, then select from the list of "golden goal Award "winner. The award is rigorous and credible action, in the eyes of professional football and its gold content is higher than by the national team coaches voted the "World Player of the Year" Award.

"Golden Globe Award Rules"

【1】 Golden Globe Award in 1956 by "France Football" magazine, as of this year, is already the 53rd selection.

【2】 From 1956 to 1994, the Golden Globe awarded only league in Europe, the effectiveness of the nationality of the owners of European players, since 1995, Golden Globe restructuring can be awarded to the effectiveness of any nationality in the European leagues player. In 2007, expanding the scope of the candidates for all the players around the world.

【3】 2007 before the Golden Globe jury is limited to each member of the UEFA sent a journalist in 2007 is revised to designated countries from around the world of professional journalists can participate in selection, gold Ball awards have become more globalized.

【4】 each of the judges to write the names of five players from 1995 onwards, these names come from a "France Football" Paris editorial board gives the list of 50 People's Congress. 2008 onwards, the list of candidates was reduced to 30 people.

【5】 The judges wrote that the players on the ballot paper in accordance with the order to be 5,4,3,2,1 points, respectively. All the players will eventually be converted into the corresponding scores of the votes plus and get final scores, the highest score will receive the Golden Globe.

【6】 if there is shared equally, would be divided equally among the players during a vote.

【7】 Golden Globe for the selection criteria is the player in the natural year performance.

【8】 Golden Globe Award in accordance with the following four main criteria to select any player.

A. received during the year of personal honor and team honors.

B. the player's characteristics (talent and the spirit of fair play).

C. career resume.

D. personality and particularly prominent performance.

【9】 If the selection result of a dispute, will be, as the President of the jury, "France Football" chief editor of the final decision.



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