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Where sessions are held at the World Cup?

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Past World Cup information

time to host the nineteenth title

2010, South Africa, Germany and Italy in 2006 at its eighteenth seventeenth

2002 Korea / Japan Sixteenth Brazilian

1998, France in 1994, the 15th session of the Fourteenth United States and Brazil

1990, Italy, West Germany 1986, Mexico and Argentina Thirteenth Twelfth 1982

Spain and Italy Eleventh

1978 Argentina Argentina Tenth Federal Republic of Germany Federal Republic of Germany in 1974, the Ninth

1970, Mexico and Brazil in 1966, the British Eighth Seventh of England

1962 Chile and Brazil Sixth

Sweden and Brazil in 1958, fifth in 1954 the Swiss Federal Republic of Germany


1950 Uruguay, France and Italy third in 1938 the second 1934

1st Italy Session 1930 Uruguay Uruguay



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