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China, in which the European players have played for five major league clubs?

My name is Melon2010-04-06 02:10:55 +0000 #1
Players and teams
8 Articles2010-04-06 02:16:53 +0000 #2
You are asking you five league's top league:

Shao Jiayi: played for 1860 Munich, and now the effectiveness of Cottbus, the two teams had been Bundesliga now downgraded it!

Yang Chen: Frankfurt (Bundesliga);

Hao Junmin: Schalke 04 (Bundesliga);

Zheng: Charlton (who Premiership, now downgraded a);

Li Tie, Li Weifeng: Everton (Premier League);

Sun Jihai: Manchester City (Premier League);

Dong: Manchester United (Premier League);

Chia-Chi Chang: Le Mans (French);

Gai Yang: Marseille (French);

In addition, the current Serie Pei Ma Mingyu been Ruda, Nancy Li Jinyu been French, but it never went to two games;

There are a number of times mentioned five major league level league:

Xie Hui: German second division Fürth, Aachen, Wiesbaden;

Zhou Ning: German second division Mannheim;

Fan Zhiyi: Offence Crystal Palace;

Lee every day: German second division Mannheim;

Xu Zhan: Bundesliga Hertha Berlin youth team;

Zhang Xiaobin: Offence Stockport;

King Chu: French Metz youth team;

Kang Sheng: and Chu-go of Metz, now the Spanish Atletico Madrid;

enough for all of the right? In addition to these there are in other countries who play the game, but you asked five leagues in Europe, the other will not give you described!
Chinafottball2010-04-06 02:24:52 +0000 #3
Manchester United, Manchester City, Charlton, Sheffield United, Cottbus
xihuanldn2010-04-06 02:24:15 +0000 #4
Yang Chen (Frankfurt)

Li Tie (Everton)

Zheng Zhi (Charlton) (Celtic )

Sun Jihai (Crystal Palace) (Manchester City) (Sheffield United)

Shao Jiayi (Munich 1860) (Energie Cottbus)

Dong (Manchester United) (Antwerp)

Hao Junmin (Schalke 04)

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