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Pele Why was said to be her big mouth?

United Kingdom2010-01-17 14:01:07 +0000 #1

zh198511152010-01-17 14:10:31 +0000 #2
Bailey's "big mouth"

Billy's "big mouth" the World Cup began in 1994, when Colombia, 5-0 humiliation at the qualifying time in Argentina, Bailey immediately said he was optimistic about Colombia, but they had the World Cup group match, Colombia has to go home and unbearable performance. In 1998, Pele favored England come to grief in the Anglo-Afghan War, the 2002 World Cup, Pele point of Argentina, the result of the Colombians, Argentines repeated eight years ago, the performance ... ... At this point, any Pele favored team, All go home after the match in the group.

The current European Cup, Pele's "prophecy" development to the extreme, 16 teams, nearly half of his promising, but all "killed."

1, "the current European Cup champions, if not unexpected, it will in the United Kingdom, France, Italy and three teams among the election." - Pele

in mid-March of this year has not yet started when the European Cup, Pele has already begun to predict the current session of the European Cup, and world number one said that the current European Cup champions will be in England, France, Italy, have yielded, however, stop at the group stage, Italy, England, France has fell outside the quarter-finals, Pele Although the alignment of the predicted three strongest teams in the traditional sense, still come true so-called "big mouth" rule.

2, "Rooney then I really like England can go very far." -

The day before Bailey kid Wayne Rooney is not the situation as income, Eriksson quite got the message, he would shell of the Lee link together, making openings for the younger Bailey had been greatly about it, however, Bailey praised Rooney in 48 hours after the match against Portugal, Rooney played only 20 minutes they wounded fate, can Bailey's "mantra" In addition to targeting the team, but also against the people?

3, "I'm optimistic about France's victory over Greece to advance to the semi-finals." - Pele

has been eliminated in England, after Bailey said he was optimistic about the French then defeated Greece, however, France was kicked out of a rated Santini Times the worst game, come to grief out, this is the current European Cup's biggest upsets.

4, "I like the Netherlands and the Czech Republic join the final." - Pele

then, Bailey has a remedial says he's looking the Netherlands and the Czech Republic join the final. A time when the Dutch team was beaten two goal posts survived, out of Sweden, the Czech Republic is also easy to beat Denmark, the semi-finals, arguably the two teams in both the state and in the morale of both the upswing, which under the Bailey change predictions come true, right? Ultimately, however, the road leading to the final, two rumors in the team is optimistic about Bailey fell to the ground one after another ... ...
FY Football2010-01-17 14:32:55 +0000 #3
Pele favored teams are usually there will not be a good end

Bailey's big mouth

90-year history of the World Cup, he was optimistic about the Yugoslav team when the dark horse, the first was done in Germany 1:4. At the same time, saying that the session of the Brazilian team in the past century's most powerful Brazilian team, and then Brazil in the emergence of first games are eliminated.

92 years of European Cup, he continues to favor the Yugoslav team, the results of the South has been banned.

94 World Cup, he was optimistic about Colombia when the dark horse, the results of the Colombian team was eliminated, guard was shot dead. (the most miserable )

96 years of European Cup, said that Turkey's good, the results of Turkey, flew to be eliminated.

98 years, the World Cup dark horse Xiaozusaishi Bailey optimistic about Spain as a result, the Spanish team failed qualify.

Group stage after promising Nigeria, the results be properly Nigeria knockout first round home.

Final ago he optimistic about Brazil, the Brazilian team lost the World Cup history, the greatest defeat.

2002 World Cup, he was optimistic about Argentina and France, the results of both groups killed.

Knock-kill after Denmark, England, 3-0, Pele predicted that England win the race and the results were in Brazil next one to kill.

Which he had never evaluated the Brazilian team lift the trophy.

2004 European Cup, group stage optimistic about Italy, the results of the Italian pack up the original best players together and leave.

Portugal and England's Wayne Rooney before the game strongly bullish, and in England, the results of Rooney injury immediately end, England lost on penalties.

Then again optimistic about France, the French team are eliminated that night.

Then again optimistic about Portugal in the semi-finals the winner will win VS the Netherlands, runner-up is the Czech Republic, the final winner is the only thing he did not mention Greece.

2004 Asian Cup finals, the former Bailey generously words of praise in the United States the Chinese team about it, and said the Chinese team will win. The results I will not say, really hurt the Chinese people's feelings ... ...

more than 20 years ago, Bailey's visit to China, saying that you will soon be able to enter the World Cup. The results of the Chinese team struggling for 20 years.

Big mouth well-deserved reputation



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