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Pele Maradona era and today's players

conson20192010-04-06 22:11:48 +0000 #1
2 different times what the difference between nutrition training will greatly ah

today's players will have more than the 2 who ah
cockroach small strong _ Wu2010-04-06 22:20:50 +0000 #2
No, times are different and should not be compared, each time each person has their own legend.

Maradona is a legend.
7829314272010-04-06 22:24:33 +0000 #3
not ....
touch08022010-04-06 23:28:43 +0000 #4
It certainly is different, the current speed and combat ability of football to improve a lot than before, a high level of competition is in conjunction with the completion of its fast, and you alone have no physical ability is very difficult technology based, such as Juan Roman Riquelme. Bailey did not understand the times, but Maradona's achievements are not an enterprise player and he is a legend, a genius.
Zhao Yun big fans2010-04-07 00:07:18 +0000 #5
2 kings are the people of South America.

Maradona scored a total of 345.

Bailey participated in the 1, 364 games, scored a total of 1,282 balls

data can prove everything.

Today's players which scored more than 1,282 of?

Because the only time Golden Globe Europe. So the two took no golden goal.
Laugh round pig2010-04-07 00:30:15 +0000 #6
Romario before the ball into the 1,000 retired players he was 90 years when you look at the extraordinary and Maradona Pele, compared to that of the
fcliwm2010-04-06 23:13:46 +0000 #7
In fact, technology and technical and tactical awareness, and now most of the players have more than Pele and Diego. By Diego, for example, repeated attempts Diego coach, including club and national team, all with little success, in addition to their own personality factors, that idea has been lagging behind because of football.

94 World Cup when Argentina was also hit 442, but 442 were in full swing, against 442 other formation is difficult, now, 442 are sub-two-waist, diamond, diamond tight, parallel stations, 4132,4312 and so different changes. Such as 4411 or 433 and 451 in view of the middle of the formation are relatively restrained 41 221 442. Thus, throughout the change, Diego have been behind the form, thus causing many Argentine players though, but the results quite a difference.

However, Pele and Diego can create brilliant in their own time, this is undeniable. Pele won three World Cups. Not continuous, the former two have Pele, Brazil won. Bailey was out, almost the same people of the Brazilian team will not win. Bailey return to Brazil another victory. This is the role of Bailey.

Diego is commendable for people to almost one-handedly, the unknown to bring the European summit of Naples. Won the Scudetto and the European Cup. Naples, there was only two Serie A titles and a UEFA Cup, Diego are obtained.

In fact, there are many stars in world football club's achievements over the Pele and Diego. Such as Di Stefano, Puskas, Dalgleish, Paolo Maldini, Best, Beckenbauer, among others. But the world number one seems to World Cup-based selection. I think, number one at least have the Champions League it, unfortunately the two do not.
Blue degrees2010-04-07 00:42:10 +0000 #8
The world has two number one, one is Bailey, one Maradona. Comment century, when the FIFA world number one, the network had to vote, they are prepared to put the title to Billy, unfortunately I'm sorry things, the Top result is Maradona. FIFA had another number one to the official assessment of a century Pele, regarded as two parallel. Bailey's character is not perfect, if you fully understand him, that he bit a hypocrite; of course, Maradona is not perfect, he is a true villain. Poll results that the two issues, namely, the proportion of young people in the Internet than older and bigger, but young people are watching Maradona play more; people are more sincere Maradona, although he has so many shortcomings But people still like him. The Bailey's external though relatively better, but people do not come out posters of the movie cold.

A purely technical point of view, far better than Maradona, Pele, after all, times had changed, the two of them apart is the rapid development of football in 20 years. From the present, you have to ask Diego Maradona and Zinedine Zidane or Ronaldinho who is better technology, it is difficult to assess. Zhao Zhao Bailey then the game video, then football and technologies from the physical confrontation, and now no better than. We can only say, in their own era, their capacity is far higher than the other players by a mile, and 由于 different times, they can not be directly compared. But if God can put them together, then thumped Pele Maradona will.

Pele is better than Maradona's place is his achievements, at least he was the first universally recognized world number one, Maradona is the second. He made the World Cup three times, even removed them and he is not a relationship, or better than Maradona's time. He entered the ball over more than 1000, more times than Maradona, although he is a pure striker, but Maradona is 9 and a half, between forward and midfield position before, but this gap is too too big. Pele played in all of his teams have been successful, Maradona in addition to the national team, only Boca and Naples succeeded. Although Bailey is known crow mouth, but every competition, there are still many people are concerned about him, seemed to care, Maradona's forecast.

Looks Bailey seems to win in Maradona, and Pele, but look at it then mate: Garrincha, Didi, Chihuahua, Zagallo (58 years); Rivelino, check cents slave (is obviously translation of Hong Kong, but to no avail of the Chinese), etc. (70 years). Maradona 86 years in which big-name partner do? Can only be considered Houweilujie most famous, but he has only known effect of some giants in Europe, is the color strength is not; two strikers Valdano, Burruchaga is the largest of the remaining cards of the player. 90 World Cup, Argentina's new in to make people remember only Caniggia (known much, in fact, only because he was out of Brazil into a ball and famous, people should remember that the ball is Maradona magic ball) and Goyechea.
VIP Jie Bao2010-04-07 00:03:18 +0000 #9
Beyond Bailey down, but Maradona is estimated that there may be enough to choke

After all, old horse can single-handedly led the team to win ..
jerry15958882010-04-07 02:08:06 +0000 #10
talent, growing environment is everything,

now than they The star lot.

But only a technical level, if you want to honor more than them, hard.

As Pele and Diego Maradona's honor room now the players can not match.

Such as Maradona, Naples, a person can bring it into champions.

Now, Macy, and C is the strongest player in Romania, and see their performance.

Lionel Messi of Barcelona into the peak of a person can do? It is impossible. Messi in Argentina, the result that almost can not line up. In the national team is very bad state.

C, for he has done in Portugal, what? There can only say that he is strong teams of Portugal, not the top teams.

If in accordance with the honor for the people closest to Bailey should be Ronaldo because he was different in Brazil, several injured and several were made after comeback honor, now no one can match.



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