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Can Manchester United Champions League qualifying

Beer Big Brother2010-01-17 14:01:26 +0000 #1
ask a question

if the weaker the final round of the Champions League, Manchester United lose, Moscow, Manchester United win

Well, Wolf, Moscow, three teams are 10 points

outlet which should be contingent ?

So why Yao?
hy1532010-01-17 14:15:50 +0000 #2
If in the final round, Manchester United lost to VfL Wolfsburg away, CSKA away victorious again in Besiktas, Manchester United, it is very likely eventually the second qualifying group. In that case, Manchester United and VfL Wolfsburg with 10 points, if the score 0-1 Manchester United to a negative, it will make the group Wolfsburg (Wolfsburg battle Manchester United at home 2-1, away 0 -- 1, fewer away goals); if Manchester United to a 1-2 score negative, the two teams at home with 2-1 win over the same opponent, more goal difference, Manchester United 1, opponents 4, Wolfs fort will make the group; as long as the Manchester United away from home for at least two balls into the net under the ultimate lose a ball (for example, the score 2-3,3-4,4-5, etc.), by virtue of away goals that Manchester United will be more than advantages of top the group. And if Manchester United lost two balls or two away goals, Wolfsburg will certainly win this group.

Of course, there is a possibility is that Manchester United even if you lose it would definitely win this group. Because, if CSKA win in Besiktas, Manchester United lost to VfL Wolfsburg, then three teams end up 10 points, comparing three teams-cycle performance, Manchester United 2 wins a flat plot a negative 7 points, VfL Wolfsburg 2 wins 2 losses accumulated six points, CSKA 1 Level 2 wins a negative score four points in that case, Manchester United will certainly win this group.

Of course, the second qualifying group, nor is it what the end of the world. Last season, Chelsea and Arsenal are based on its second outlet, in the last 16 draw, respectively, Juventus and Roma face a powerful enemy, but after two rounds of battle, are smooth clearance. However, in the second qualifying group, which means that Manchester United are not a small group may be able to get into the end of first group match of Real Madrid, Barcelona. Now the Champions League eight groups, Bordeaux, Arsenal, Chelsea have won the group ahead of the first and the rest except Manchester United team outside the four groups, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Florence, are likely to win their respective Sub-group first. 16 ballot in accordance with their national teams once in principle, will not face Manchester United Arsenal and Chelsea, but may face Real Madrid, Barcelona.
Liangliang2010-01-17 14:39:41 +0000 #3
's it, Turkish teams played well, but this year Manchester United even the hardest of the Russian teams are Gao Ding, and I think we should be no problem. If you say that any natural outlet of Manchester United because he Wolfsburg won the case.

Attach qualifying rules.

1, integral high; 2, the same points, then look at the relationship between the outcome; 3, mutual relationship between the outcome of the same goals, then look at each other; 4, but also the same words to see who the away goals rule; 5, but also the same as look at the group stage, if the overall goal difference; 6, but also the same group match to see if the overall goals; 7, but also to see if the same country in FIFA's ranking over the past five years.



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