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Real Madrid vs Villarreal starting

3579374802010-04-10 05:10:02 +0000 #1
Real Madrid 6:2 Villarreal matches Real Madrid wins the starter and the midfielder's station, and finally to the midfield players can only analyze
If I love to stay2010-04-10 05:16:07 +0000 #2
upstairs did not watch the game? Simply not starting small. . . . Granero is Piracy! ! ! Pepe injury a few months, ah! ! ! !

Goalkeepers: Casillas

back: Left Defenders: Marcelo in Defenders: Ramos, 阿尔比奥尔 the right guard: Abeiluoe

Midfielder: waist: 拉斯迪亚拉 阿隆索格拉 within Luo Frontal: Kaka

Forwards: Higuain, C. Ronaldo

Midfielder Alonso as the organizations mission, series in the front court to help defend, Las steals defense, the pirates to assist defense, to help attack Kaka is the defenses of the organizers, who closed frontier series, mainly attack. . . .
Flow Lan Zi Xuan 19862010-04-10 05:55:53 +0000 #3
L. Defensive midfielder Diarra the functional organization links Alonso instigated the attackers before the field card Lo C station, then a shadow striker Fernando Diyala delayed center opened turmoil Kaka C Laura C Lo post moves, but more uncertain position The front striker midfielder Ze Mayi melon C 罗卡卡阿隆 Suodiyala by

后卫马塞洛阿 尔比奥尔佩佩 Ramos

goalkeeper Iker Casillas



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