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Playing football (soccer) How to develop their own sense of the bigger picture?

vhi938132010-01-17 16:01:08 +0000 #1
When I was with the ball when the defensive player of the face, my eyes is always tempting to stare at the ball can not rise to the front to see. And other entangled together, we can not perceive the overall situation, to see the ground situation, this time, they will take shots, but he denied the other side is not being shot the ball very far off the mark. Often can not choose the best time to shoot, but then reveals forward zone, the ball can easily be broken, after which the location of teammates realized that was empty. How can I do to correct this shortcoming? How the best time to pass and shoot, develop their own bigger picture? Pointing about!
Registration brick house2010-01-17 16:02:52 +0000 #2
First of all, you need to have a good catch, ability to protect the ball. Second able to say that ball. The ball is very basic, but it is very important, the ball is definitely feeling better, you can Dianqiu to nurture this feeling, you could foot, thigh, chest, shoulders, head Dianqiu 100, in the amateur years spent enough (Of course, there are not practice Dianqiu, the ball is also a very good sense), when you feel the ball can be brought under control, and catch and pass, and why it is passed, not competitive? But also in the race because of the case of interference the ball is the only effective way the ball. You want to defend the situation according to opponents, your position, the height of the ball, force the ball in such options as a way, for example, midfielder Zhise ground ball hit behind you, you have to line Paowei according to the speed of the ball, which kinds of ball is the time difference, you can not have the ball after stopping the action, to homeopathic route times as you move forward in order to pose a threat, but also, for example, his back to defensive player catch a ball, if the other side close defense, then you should, through the back contact with each other to determine the direction of the other's defense, usually the focus will be each other's defensive flaws in your left back, the other side of your back will tell you the power to impose his defensive focus, you can make in the opposite direction after the catch forward line of defense if it is close, you have natural body to move, upper body swaying, do not jump, the next disc to be stable, fool the enemy. Do not expose your course of action, the ball suddenly horizontal Che Dong, opponent, after all, in a defensive position, waiting for him to judge a good time, you already get rid of him. Catch and also venues match time, a relationship, for example, sun exposure, site lighting, if you turn their backs on the ball, do not know each other's defense came to, to observe the ground and the other due to the formation of the shadow of light exposure (provided of course the formation of the shadow of the other side to be able to accurately reflect the circumstances, the attention of competition observed in the relationship between the angle of light and shadow), shadow opponent will be sold in advance of action. Golf with the chest to stopping, the stopping health care use after the ball, in general, lob slow unload the ball a long time, remove the ball, the other side are up, so care should be turning the ball, if there is sufficient except in the case of time.

Besides the ball, dribbling is not intended to make a breakthrough, a breakthrough is only one. The ultimate goal is to get rid of the ball, pay attention to is to get rid! Get rid of after you have time to observe the opponent, observing teammates Paowei. In order to maximize accurate send your pass. You see a lot of people are moving ahead amateur competitions extraordinary, bolted the bottom line. In fact, not be necessary. After you get rid of the effect of pass after pass with you, the effect of breaking is the same, made in terms of power, get rid of are far greater. Dribbling the ball sense is the foundation, completely staring at the ball with the ball is the initial stage, at the foot of unfamiliar ah! When the ball around more than a light observation of short-range case is the intermediate stage, when the ball inside to see the situation before the change in the direction of the venue is an advanced stage, if the ball to right field when the clear understanding of the situation in chest, then that player a. No one can say, I do not watching! Absolute difference is, pay attention to the ball at the same time, who see a wider field of vision! Field with the peripheral vision watching, attention is placed on the form of observation of master-level, and said that the training in order to have a sense of the rise of play habits. Having said that, Louzhu the present situation is not the vision of the relationship, the relationship of technology! First practice at the foot of technical talk. And so on between you and the ball felt a kind of ambiguous on, when you are more often than not in the ball, but need only look at the body's angle of rotation, the ball ran at any time when you are absolutely under the control of Congratulations Lou Zhu, amateur Competition is no problem!

Shoot, shoot what is taboo? Hesitate! You say your feet is not good, the angle the ball is not good, the other corner. Etc. can easily affect your shot. I have consulted the striker had outstanding players shooting technique, he told me that word, decisive! Most of the shooting there is no absolute time, and dare to have a chance out of legs, or entirely lost opportunity. 7 m 32 in particular, a standard door, amateur competitions are dishes goalkeeper, and a slight angle of the ball, basically no other way. Therefore, the standard door, try to play the angle. Seven games, five games of the little door, playing speed. Single-pole, the ball is not to fight technology, is a psychological qualities. Pressure goalkeeper larger than you, this and penalties is almost a reason, you should not be afraid, 7 m 32 doors 2. 44 m high, remove the goalkeeper that can defend the scope of other space-is you. From the remaining space with the ball to find an equivalent diameter of channel, What kind of difficult, psychological qualities!

Key words: Technology, the ball flu, shake off, rise, determination, mental quality, amateur soccer.
Ah Sam2010-01-17 16:47:56 +0000 #3
football, there are two things: people and the ball. Your consciousness is a ball there the world is not true, people _ is the most important, there are three points: first, one to be united, the ball does not will, unity or cooperation in order to create something more powerful than the game, a person can never be in the 3 seconds to run 100 meters, while the unity of two individuals were. Second, the individual's consciousness would tend to undermine the strength of the team to reduce For example, cause internal conflict, such as the timing. Third, whether a player can have a great achievement and progress, or be able to stand tall, the key is awareness rather than technical, that is, play with the mind. You must know that you are not a man in combat, you should know how you should fight to be effective. otherwise called foolhardy. you have play in the field of consciousness, not to win. winning is the last word! Big Brother , the problem not in the feet, lies in the brain, the brain there are problems to brainwashing, not to drink Yunnanbaiyao, do not look in the wrong doctor Oh, and now football, there are many varieties, veterinary waiting for you!
ming_t2010-01-17 16:10:53 +0000 #4
year Yang Chen in When national security is this fault, when the ball does not rise, you can change this issue from two points, one point technology to improve proficiency, all right, when a person holding a ball and even a variety of ball movement, getting used to do not bow their heads watching also can know the location of the ball (see video of the year Diego Maradona, he is often when the ball Tai Zhetou, but also control the ball at his feet, which is for amateur players is very important, because technology can improve through training and hands). As for the bigger picture more difficult to practice together, followed by environmental and personal talent has a lot to (for example, Inzaghi is a good example, on the individual skill on the physical conditions are very general, but they do often goal, everyone said that he is an opportunist persons, but the other words that is his game of vision and the ability to read better than most people, he would hunch to the defense of the loopholes and the ball's line, of course, with the tacit understanding between the players is also a great relationship), to practice in this respect To see more, see which should be the most threatened; see which parts of the defense there is a loophole; Behold the location of individual better than you and so on, another is that you should always be observed in the field position and Paowei keep abreast of teammates and opponents The position and the position to judge someone better, that can be used as the collusion of my team, so the ball can be heard when the threat of the ball, but also to wait for teammates or extraordinary shot the ball really no way the ball can be pass provided assistance to your team, you will more than random, and just started playing or who must learn to pass a timely return, it is very important, as long as the ball is always in your control to attack at any time. The ball is not the end but the extraordinary, ball handling, passing and shooting as a means only, as long as you can Hold the ball is not scoring teammates will be more reassuring to the ball to you. Too much, so much the first bar.
Soratani Youlan2010-01-17 16:35:54 +0000 #5
First of all you have to strengthen the team of consciousness, the court is not simply one person competing with each other, but together with you and your teammates, you only pay attention to light the existence of the ball regardless of teammates, no matter how strong you are, are not successful , and develop their own sense of team identity is very important, nor is it one or two days can be trained, followed by heart come to play to strengthen their own ball, dribbling, passing, ability to catch the same time, so that the hearts of the ball, in the eyes without the ball, so you will know how to Paowei, teammates in what locations. That is, sharp eyes 6 Road, vigilant, and with these two points, the melt and the ball is a break, plus a foot resolute. You are not far from the good players.
★ Dark Elements ★2010-01-17 18:12:59 +0000 #6
You must first explain what position you are ah --- Originally, I thought you were the organization of midfield, but you say you are shooting ...

If you are a Qianyao, your task is to link in the front court, must be members to practice before the games, even close their eyes should also be aware of their Paowei, you have to do is to have the strength of a pass!

If you are a striker, you should attack the ball to the organization of people, and then look forward runs each other defensive loopholes in the most appropriate time to appear in the most appropriate place! (If the striker is not always the case in the counter-sticky ball, the striker will be coaching such a Masi)

on the pitch all their roles, so naturally there are two sides stuck assists while back, the other side ribs naturally Qianyao to interludes, forward naturally ambush last one guard in each other's front ... if you get the ball at the appropriate time points edge, while the winger did not keep up with, it is not your problem, but this team did not have a tacit understanding!



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