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Who can tell us about the Torres pair of boots now?

Xuzhengk8892010-04-10 23:11:07 +0000 #1

Blue Hippo2010-04-10 23:14:56 +0000 #2
Nike Total90 Laser III

"We have to build the best performance of the ball boots today," general manager of Nike soccer 伯特霍伊特 (Bert Hoyt) said, "but In addition, we will shoe technology and NIKEFOOTBALL + training course combines up, so, you bought was not only a pair of football boots, Er Shi Yi Zhengtao professional training courses on becoming perfect. "

Total90 Laser III Qiu boots with the sharp style of fluorescent green, red, black color, boots the ball in R & D on this process, the Nike design team will play fine movements broken down into specific elements, in order to help players better understand ball and football boots between. Design team will focus on the feet positions of the players is how to touch the ball and make the ball change direction.

This is the latest design of the Shot Shield technology, membership in order to achieve a more clear-cut shots, while increasing the power hitting, football arc and accuracy.

4160751442010-04-10 23:51:22 +0000 #3
Total90 Laser III football boot in the development testing process, a number of top athletes have been involved, and the design of the ball boots provided valuable advice and conducted various tests. Liverpool and Spain for the effectiveness of Torres is one of interpretation of these players and witnessed Total90 Laser III to the final baked from the creative process of evolution, but also to meet the striker on the shoes are the greatest demand accuracy and flexibility.



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