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sd63473492010-04-11 10:12:19 +0000 #1
How can Chaoyang District, about 12 or so pitches

play games

what is the approximate cost of private use

Thank you, best night long -
8 Articles2010-04-11 10:20:11 +0000 #2
We used to the altar in the Temple of Heaven, on the altar, Dongdan have played for,

costs roughly like this: FIT 10 yuan per person per hour, basically,

to the altar private use is 600 an hour, 350 half-hour, night games like 800 an hour;

Temple of both private use is 1000 hours;

both on the altar private use is 1200 hours;

Dongdan Nike Soccer Park private use is 500 an hour, night and weekend games are 600 an hour;

these are the prices of a few years ago, and I have not been there in Chaoyang But I've heard there dawn-to-sports center, Laiguangying there, usually said to be a 800, he was considered both an hour, weekend and night market is a 1000! You go ask the Chaoyang stadium, probably about the same.



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