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The Chinese football is to win South Korea's national team you

4945059992010-04-11 21:11:46 +0000 #1
can not bar the World Cup semi-finals of the strong teams ah
Power Film2010-04-11 21:27:01 +0000 #2
name is. ! To South Korea to 2012 Olympic team are the main team.

Like Park, LI Qing, Lee Chun-soo in this big no. . Certainly not real Korean national team. !
Changxiao882010-04-11 21:50:31 +0000 #3
be, in the rules

not, several of Europe, but to lose no return

China 3, also shows that there is some issue of South Korea
davidbeckham922010-04-11 22:20:56 +0000 #4
Yes, to the Korean people's temper even if you give money can not lose national dignity kick the match-fixing. And each ball are pretty, are genuine. This is Football! -

Hope Gao military to go further! Kicked out of more high quality games, get more and better results! -

Hope this is only a good start!
Domestic power users2010-04-11 22:18:44 +0000 #5
of course, the national team, then the international A-class events, but the Korean team did not participate in several overseas players, but China, too, are both local players the national team
bad lieutenant2010-04-11 23:31:43 +0000 #6
anything is possible -
stupid little boring2010-04-11 21:35:47 +0000 #7
Yes, but the main effect in the Korean domestic league players, in Europe there is no back effect, such as Manchester United's Park Ji-Sung, Bolton LI Qing, etc., but the Chinese team is also a relatively young lineup, plus on 3 to 0 score, indeed ruthless in breathtakingly
maleiwan882010-04-11 23:01:24 +0000 #8
South Korea's "Sunshine" It's semi-finals it?

China wins South Korea which is very reasonable. Know?



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