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16 power meters vs Chelsea Champions League is a few more than a few, who will win the next round of

little handsome xz2010-04-12 18:11:12 +0000 #1

Information bad fill2010-04-12 18:19:12 +0000 #2
Inter Milan 2:1 Chelsea

The two teams I like, Chelsea's home is well-known The devil home, Chelsea at home will be eager to attack, attack on the Premier League pace soon, I expect Inter to be suppressed pressure, no less than if the Jiu Gong, may give the opportunity to leave Inter in the wing attack, I think this year's Inter Lucio buying after the defense consolidation, are likely to Inter Milan 1-0 Chelsea win.

By the way. Very funny the second floor, Chelsea at home is what? Crash!
Kevin___Martin2010-04-12 18:32:15 +0000 #3
Inter 2 to 1 Chelsea

Chelsea next round is at home, Chelsea won the probability larger
raven king sym2010-04-12 19:23:57 +0000 #4
Inter 2: 1 Chelsea, the next round will be March 17 Wembley Stadium war, back home in Chelsea will use the strongest fire bombing of Inter Milan, Lucio gotta play WoW once always upset! By that time you will live to see Oh!
Is a little cow2010-04-12 19:41:58 +0000 #5
Costa bullish Inter
revenge7772010-04-12 20:04:18 +0000 #6
Stamford Bridge, Chelsea's home is, hey - silent
Qingdao monkey2010-04-12 19:59:11 +0000 #7

Even turning bullish on Chelsea at Stamford Bridge!
Sleepwalking Nou Camp2010-04-12 21:40:04 +0000 #8
Inter Milan 2:1 Chelsea

the next round at home to Stamford Bridge for Chelsea.

Outcome is hard to say, to know Chelsea's home record is very good. Chelsea 1-0 at home only a small victory can be cut. But who do not know what madman makes a trick, personally think that two rounds are less likely to cut down the Inter larger. Chelsea players within the team because of the private life of some disorder, which boosts some of the atmosphere will be affected, and Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho on Chelsea or very understanding.
Milan Zhang Shuai2010-04-12 21:20:12 +0000 #9
Beijing at 3:45 on the 25 February (Italian local time at 8:45 p.m. on the 24th), the European Champions Cup 1 / 8 final first leg began to compete against the last one, Inter Milan Despite wins over Chelsea at home 2 to 1 .

Chelsea dressed in white Jersey, Capello arrived spectators. Opening 162 seconds, the first attack on to score Inter! Mota left foot forward pass frontier closed area, Eto'o stop the ball turned and faced closure has sent Zhise ball in his left foot, the ball for Sneijder had, Milito inside a restricted area on the left button to stop the ball out of the way Terry , 9 meters in front of his right foot volley into the near corner office!

2 minutes to start the second half, Malouda cross from the left, the side taking a trip Drogba header column. Chelsea the first 51 minutes tied the score! Ivanovic Youlei drive straight, and then change lane into the Road shovel pass blocking more than the left side of the face, Kalou 21 meters in front of the office into the lower right corner of the grass rubbing his right foot relevant statistic procedures

but only for 4 minutes, Inter again beyond the score! Sneijder left wing Xiadizhuanzhong Ivanovic, Cambiasso 20 meters in front of the left foot half volley was he denied Ivanovic, who left in the restricted line ball Jin Ying Radio Zhicuan the lower right corner

Inter Milan (4-3-1-2): 12 - Cesar / 13 - Maicon, 6 - Lucio, 25 - Samuel, 4 - Javier Zanetti (C) / 5 - Stankovic (84'11-Montana ri), 19 - Esteban Cambiasso, 8 - Motta (58'45-Baluoteli) / 10 - Sneijder / 22 - Milito, 9 - Samuel Eto'o (68'27-Pandev) (non-playing substitute: 1 - Toldo, 2 - Cordoba, 7 - Quaresma, 17 - mariga)

Chelsea (4-3 - 3): 1 - Petr Cech (62'40-Hilario) / 2 - Ana Ivanovic, 6 - Carvalho, 26 - Terry, 15 - Malouda / 13 - Michael Ballack, 12 - Meikle, 8 - Frank Lampard / 39 - Nicolas Anelka, 11 - Didier Drogba, 21 - Salomon Kalou (78'23-Situliqi) (non-playing substitute: 10 - Joe - Cole, 33 - Alex, 35 - Belletti, 43 - Buruma, 45 - Borigni)

next round of results is difficult to predict! But hope is an exciting race!



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