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Origin of the Spanish team

Silence ≌ gold2010-04-12 19:10:44 +0000 #1
I just saw a news. President of the Spanish Football Federation said Villa Basque times from Nunez, he has the absolute support of the club Barcelona, but also precisely because of this, he 80 years from the last century in Barcelona, and there is no "royal" crown name of the club's support of the elected President of

then the Spanish Football Federation's Real Betis Real Madrid Real Sociedad what what a special relationship?
Kazakhstan floor Porter2010-04-12 19:12:46 +0000 #2
Why do you ask all those teams with Royal (REAL) is right.

"Royal" its name

in Spanish, "Real" meaning of the word is the royal, and therefore Real Madrid and Real Mallorca and Real Madrid are known as the Royal Mallorca, and so on, Real Betis, Real Sociedad team name, etc. This direct translation from the city. The origin of this title is usually the King of Spain early in order to promote team development, given its title.


Although the difference is a direct gift of the king, but developed to a "royal" has been changed. Part of the team to continue to follow the history of Conferring, Galaxy Real Madrid is one of the ships; but part of the team was due to the reform of history, has a team name in front of "Royal" (Real) to get rid of this one to The most famous Spanish crack Racing (formerly called "Real Racing"). For the former, we can still be seen from the team's name is different but for which we can Tongguo team logos to recognize its royal predecessor (if they accept Guo canonized the Royal title team, both team will form the crown signs).

Real Madrid

Speaking of the Royal Spanish team today, the first when one is Real Madrid. Founded in 1902, the Real Madrid club are told to start, but in order to promote football development in the capital Madrid, 1920, when the Spanish King Alfonso XIII, and therefore use the "Real" to the canonization of Real Madrid in the end, Real Madrid is not in Spanish household name, is famous in the world.

Real Mallorca Real Madrid compared to 28 years in exchange for using the title of Royal, Mallorca after the establishment of the second year in 1917, it was Alfonso XIII canonized the royal title, but when they even the full name of the Royal Society Club, Alfonso XIII. Although quickly canonized, and the Royal earlier than Real Madrid, but Real Mallorca's road is not easy. In 1931, they were removed for political reasons the title of Royal (monarchy overthrown by the Spanish Second Republic), but fortunately, they are to recover in 1949 the title Royal.

Betis Real Betis won in 1915 Alfonso XIII canonized, to transfiguration of today's Real Betis, but the other was canonized different teams, their first official match took place In the canonization of the same year (before the club only for amateur competition).

I believe the Royal Deportivo La Coruna in fact many people do not know the name of the Royal in front of there only because name is too long, people have long been accustomed to this name, the La Coruna. But they actually are inside the first Spanish team was awarded the royal title, as early as 1908, they were the King Alfonso XIII of the grant, which the king was even accepted the invitation as the honorary chairman of the club.

Zaragoza Real Zaragoza can be said to be canonized as the Royal's latest Spanish team, who until 1951 arrival in North America awarded the Royal title.

The Royal Spanish title should really surprising, as the other side of the Catalan flag football, the Spanish club actually received in 1912 the King of Spain Alfonso XIII canonized, compared with their City brothers Barcelona's independence, believe that even if both wins and losses, alone, the Spanish club to submit to the royal family of Spain, Barcelona are still seen as the representative of a Catalan.

Other teams, like the other Royal Royal Valladolid, the Royal Society, the Royal Recreativo, Real Oviedo, etc., as known deficiencies and the causes and origins of more than several teams about, not going to go into details here the. According to statistics, at all levels of the Spanish League now has a total of 18 remaining royal name of the team, thus we can see that the Spanish royal family on the development of football is very important, it is no wonder that the Spanish League football and their level of intensity, such as place in Europe from the early beginning, has been first class.
Prank J Kiss2010-04-12 19:39:02 +0000 #3
Spaniards claim to noble, and they tend to start with some royal, no relationship between them,



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