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welldown32122010-04-14 19:10:03 +0000 #1
NIKE AD for these brands can nail those shoes ah? No. Tell me.

How much money you can.

I think most can not change ah? Can change the general are of the highest block of the. All 1000 +

this is to wear shoes in case a bad month or a number of pity? High quality brand shoes, let alone like.

General warranty in March. Previously happened. Expensive running shoes to wear it every month 4. Not to wear every day, morning run on the morning.

For nail is suitable for a variety of venues Bai. Spikes are attached to it? Or buy their own ah?

Thank you

I have 40 points, for a further additional 20
White flags2010-04-14 19:22:57 +0000 #2
for spikes of only those high-end products that do only

my own experience is that

1 pair of broken nail can cope artificial grass and other non-natural grass of the field had to wear, what kind of six months is absolutely no problem

plastic nails to meet the natural grass and artificial grass can not every day anyway, not a professional play

wear is not so serious
the right side of avant-garde _72010-04-14 19:34:18 +0000 #3
A adidas F50 series can change nail, but it is also appearing in the high-end version, indeed, not to buy soccer shoes for nails, for example F50i very easy to fall in combat in the nails. Loose nails should immediately go to tighten too much trouble, but also very caring, so that the artificial grass with a broken nail (TF) or the HG. Natural grass with a FG or SG. Better on the artificial grass can also be FG.

F50i the nail is attached, but also for nail device.
Leomacy2010-04-14 19:47:13 +0000 #4
f50 can. Basic version will do. After all, not professional football.



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