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China 3:0 South Korea, all who enter the ball?

Zao Zhuang Yiming Support2010-04-15 03:10:08 +0000 #1

kan_junsu2010-04-15 03:25:00 +0000 #2
first goal, 4 minutes, in the sea; Qu Bo Xiadizhuanzhong right-sided, top header into the sea.

The second goal, 27 minutes, Gao Lin; Korean defender errors, Yang Hao was in the restricted area off the edge of the ball, the ball accurately assigned to restricted areas on the left, Gao Lin small-angle shot, the ball into the!

The third goal is the most beautiful goals, the first 60 minutes, Deng Zhuoxiang scored. The ball is really super Niubi Dengzhuo Xiang, Continuous go past South Korea's two guards, reached the ball and the ball from the back of the court before the curvelet fast forward runs and with Deng Zhuoxiang to do with is very exciting! !
Vvstefanie2010-04-15 03:21:17 +0000 #3
Yu Gao Lin Deng Zhuoxiang

DENVER at quarter past six p.m. on the 10 February, in Japan, China's national men's football campaign 东亚四强赛 in Japan Ajinomoto Stadium to face the rival South Korea. 4 minutes in the first half pass headed sea access Qubo head start. The first 26 minutes, South Korea defender Guotai Hui Disembarrassing mistakes, broadswords to attend the meeting broke into Gao Lin. Meritorious deeds, even had three of the second half Deng Zhuoxiang seal the victory. Eventually the Chinese team beat South Korea 3 0, breaking the 32 years of numerous international A-match record in Korea. 3 to 0 is the maximum points in the history of China and South Korea national team encounters bad. Video Highlights - Soccer Team rainy night three bombs to sink on this end of South Korea for 32 years Konghan Media Source: Sina Sports

Goals Video - Soccer Team fly with both wings close miraculous lightning at sea headed home

Goals Video - Yang Hao will power pass from sin to send a single gun Gao Lin Rebel Ghosts

Goals Video - Deng Zhuoxiang tease dancing wildly to sink rival South Korean defense line in the rain

in the case is not favored by public opinion, the Chinese team in the opener in the draw with Japan, The site also missed a penalty opportunity Hao Yang regret complex; Korean team beat the first battle is Hong Kong, China 5-0. Since the 1978 Asian Games, the Chinese team with 27 South Korean war record level of 16 negative 11, "Kong Han" has been 32 years. The China Football players are fighting Gao Hongbo and stand to win regardless. South Korean team played the tournament line-up to national league and Japanese league players mainly sung, Lee Young-pyo, Park Chu-young and other LI Qing and the effectiveness of famous European leagues did not return.

After the two sides to quickly close the opening confrontation, positive pressure of the Chinese team before the first four minutes early in the harvest goals - Qu Bo in the right-wing opponents blocked to pass, the ball rebounded in the end they formed the next breakthrough opportunities, Qu Bo ago re-inserted after the transfer of precise placement, follow-up in place in the sea close shakes break goal horn Korea, South Korea goalkeeper Lee Woon-Jae is no response, the Chinese team 1-0 ahead. 7 minutes, Kim Jung-woo foot long-range artillery Korea completed the first Gongmen this war. After 1 minute, Kim Doo-hyun left turn Gongmen blocked by Zhang Lin Peng missed the bottom line. Impact in resolving the opponents corner, the Chinese team on both sides of road continuously instigated offensive, Rong Hao left Xiadichuanzhong been destroyed out of South Korea's defense closed, Yang Hao strong long-range he missed.

After an hour before the field of South Korea formed a continuous control and pass the ball on many occasions the formation of the Chinese team in the backcourt Feng Xiaoting, Dewey continuous control placement. 15 minutes, re-transmission in South Korea on the left, Li Genhao header top side. South Korea has been the impact of accidental injuries, backs Puzhu Hao Li Zhengxiu be replaced because of injury. The first 19 minutes, continuing to attack South Korea and then cut inside from the left wing long-range Li Genhao Chinese goalkeeper Yang Zhi Wang saved the ball itself. After the introduction of the right-wing throw South Korea, Li Chenglie cut into the restricted area small-angle low drive, he missed. 22 minutes, South Korea sent the right-wing crossing the ball, Li Chenglie before nodding the ball Gongmen top side. This stage the Chinese team completely on the defensive, and even South Korea have four players sustained activity in the Chinese team in the restricted area to wait for opportunities to attack.

The first 26 minutes, Zhao Xuri extraordinary row after the break through midfielder steals, Kim Jung-woo received intentional foul yellow card, Deng Zhuoxiang Gongmen free kick straight into the arms of Lee Woon-Jae. 1 minute to score again after the Chinese team - South Korea defender Guotai Hui Disembarrassing open Bigfoot mistakes, Yang Hao in the restricted area restricted area before the De Qiuhou accurately assigned to the left gap, Gao Lin Li Yun face attack abandoned door in the small angle cool break into the Chinese team 2-0 ahead. Chinese team morale high, and a moment later with the formation of a continuous infiltration, but Deng Zhuoxiang judged offside and is still Leipzig received a yellow card. South Korea is affecting the morale, offensive momentum has clearly weakened, the Chinese team to the formation of defensive counter shelf see-saw with the opponents.

The first 35 minutes, midfielder Qu Bo pick the opponent, there's Kim Jung-woo yellow body deliberate handball in the interception, but the referee ignored, put the South Korean team a horse. 41 minutes, the Chinese team fight back in another form will kill offensive - Yang Hao Zhao Xuri backcourt De Qiuhou pass, which pass from the left and then forward runs gap, Gao Lin closed the ball into the Republic of Korea, but in the face Lee, low drive was blocking, though the ball rebounded back to the foot of Gao Lin, Gao Lin had response times less than the ball Chuledixian.

Easy side has changed even after the Korean team would have been seeking to strengthen the impact of the Chinese team to continue to maintain its role as counter-routine, continuous Korea several times to resolve the offensive wing. 50 minutes, South Korea, Lee Seong-Nguyen left the bench in front after the hair cut power Jin She, however, missed the ball hit the bottom line, after their own teammates, the first 56 minutes, the Chinese team a threat to counter the offensive again, Zhao Xuri ball South Korea reached the restricted area on the left gap, like the sea in front of mass swept like fire, Gao Lin and Deng Zhuoxiang 2:00 outflank both will be missed the opportunity to play Buddhism.

The first 60 minutes, the Chinese team played brilliant counter-offensive - in the backcourt to resolve South Korea's offense, the curvelet quick ball forward runs counter instigated, Dengzhuo Xiang De Qiuhou exciting breakthrough, after the killing to a row extraordinary Closed Road, a cool foot ball Gongmen bypass the hard efforts of the arc of Lee, will the ball into the goal after the horn, the Chinese team 3-0. This is very exciting to face Dengzhuo Xiang is put gas goals, South Korea goalkeeper Lee Woon-Jae generation of exploits have been very significant expression of despair. 62 minutes before the foul throws the Xinjiong Min Zhao Xuri restricted area, received a yellow card, South Korea kick Gongmen he denied the Chinese team a wall.

The first 66 minutes, South Korea repeatedly impact the final formation of the opportunity, Kim Jung-woo face first to the foot strike of Yang Zhi attack Buddhism, on the ball completely crossing the line at the moment, Rong Hao timely rescue, the ball hit the crossbar after the pop-up along the . 3 minutes Lubing Jun external Jin She fell to the ground and then closed out by Yang Zhi. 74th minute free kick Gongmen Lee is gone. After the impact of a continuous time South Korea closed the Chinese team, the Chinese team defense active defense efforts to defuse the opponent's attacking threat.

The first 81 minutes, crossing the ball into the right-wing South Korean team restricted the right of the Chinese team, Lubing Jun Yang Zhi small-angle volley was closed out, the ball rebounded to the restricted area after the Korean team again after the point volley, YANG Zhi rapid response of the ball he denied. South Korea put anti-aircraft guns in another external Gongmen. South Korean players were irritable mood, Lubing Jun Feng Xiaoting successful defense in the post have been superfluous action, South Korea has also appeared in bounds play offense. 86 minutes, Lee Dong-Gook Jin She hit the left side of net small angle. The first 90 minutes, South Korea Road penetrate obstructions periphery long fight again high. Chinese team 3-0 final triumph.

China Team Lineup: 22 - Yang Zhi; 20 - Rong Hao, 2 - Dewey, 4 - Feng Xiaoting, 45 - Zhang Lin Peng; 15 - Hao Yang, 39 - Zhao Xuri (71 minutes, 42 - Yan Feng); 21 - at sea, 8 - Dengzhuo Xiang (87 minutes, 5 - Zhao Peng), 11 - Qu Bo; 17 - Gao Lin (64 minutes, 19 - Jiang Ning)

South Korea Lineup: 1 - Lee Woon-Jae; 2 - Jiang Minshou , 5 - Guotai Hui, 4 - Cho Yong-Heng, Li Zhengxiu (15 minutes, 14 - Pu Zhuhao); 10 - Kim Doo-hyun (62 minutes, 22 - Lubing Jun), 8 - Kim Jung-woo, 6 - Licheng Lie, 19 - Xinjiong Min; 20 - Lee Dong-Gook, 11 - Li Genhao (46 minutes, 9 - Lee Seong-Ruan)
Mainland quack2010-04-15 03:59:58 +0000 #4
Gao Lin Hai

Deng Zhuoxiang 4 minutes, Qu Bo on the right was blocked transmission, but Kim Jung-woo Disembarrassing placement is not good, Qu Bo immediately before Insert the ball pass, the break in Hai Neiqie thrown head left corner. South Korea immediately after the counterattack by goal, but both Lee and Kim Jung-woo's shot above lintel. Then, Kim Doo-hyun front of area bars after the shot he missed. 9 minutes, Rong Hao left after the mass break, the ball was blocked after he missed Hao Yang Jin She periphery.

The first 14 minutes, Lee, Gao header Gongmen top side inside the restricted area. Then, South Korea can not be left back leg Li Zhengxiu exit in advance. As the ball incompetence, the Chinese team gradually into the presence of surface passive. The first 19 minutes, Lee, Ho Jin She is Yang Zhi frontier closed area closed out. Then, with sub-Zhe Jin She Shaopian then throw on the right. The first 23 minutes, a child pick the right pass philosophy leaned header Gongmen top side. The first 25 minutes, Kim Jung-woo Road down to the ground Zhao Xuri booked. Deng Zhuoxiang direct free kick, after being shot shells Lee, Xian Xian won. 27 minutes after the market kick-off errors Guotai Hui directly to the Yang Hao, Yang Hao precision assigned two steps left before the trip free for 7 yards left of Gao Lin Department closed decisively Jin She broke into a small angle.

The first 29 minutes, Kim Doo-hyun in the restricted area to play volley fly. Then, Deng Zhuoxiang be blown offside get a yellow card after the shooting, but the other goalkeeper Lee Woon-Jae on Deng Zhuoxiang significant hand movements, but escaped punishment. 34 minutes, Kim Jung-woo midfielder Qu Bo deliberate handball pass blocking, our membership is just spare the referee whistled for fouls. 41 minutes after the Zhisai Hao Yang steals, Zhao Xuri hit behind the ball accurately, Gao Lin restricted area of the face of a successful anti-overrun attack of Lee, relevant statistic procedures were blocked, the ball bounced Gao Lin in the column to the left leg will rub after missed. Match the first half, leading South Korea 2-0 Chinese team into the halftime.

The second half began, the Korean team will be adjusted again substitutions, teenager Lee Seong-ho Lee, Nguyen will be replaced. The first 6 minutes and Jang Wu broke into the restricted zone fell twice trying to force all failed to win a penalty. 53 minutes, Lee, Gao after the shot hit the left wing within the cut after the pop-up shoulder Hao, YANG Zhi open penalty but the referee the ball. 56-minute gap on the left side of the adjusted sea he missed volley, collusion is again in front of two successive missed. 60 minutes, Qu Bo backcourt steals the ball after the quick kill Daoqian Chang, and Deng Zhuoxiang with the ball came after, Deng Zhuoxiang in the restricted area after the ball go past the first button through Puzhu Hao Guotai Hui, 15 yards left-footed striking the left Point break.
Lianzhichang2010-04-15 03:28:41 +0000 #5
not me!
Zhao_89922010-04-15 04:33:41 +0000 #6
4 minutes, at sea and 25 minutes, Gao Lin

60 minutes, Deng Zhuoxiang
5f7ty242010-04-15 05:34:14 +0000 #7
Yu Gao Lin Deng Zhuoxiang



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