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Why is there no Corinthians Pakistan A team ah, how brush out Ronnie ah?

Lightning2010-01-17 20:01:15 +0000 #1
Why fifaonline in Pakistan is not a league team Corinthians, that Ronnie was not only open player card to come out?
sunjianyang19862010-01-17 20:04:11 +0000 #2
Pakistan A total of 20 league teams, to take two cycles of scoring system, the winner of each game was three points, the negative side 0 points, a draw is worth 1 point each side. If two or more of the same team points, followed by screenings in accordance with victory, goal difference, total goals and the war to determine the final ranking results.

League before the four South American freedom to participate in next season's Cup, the last four fall into the next season's B league Pakistan. Cup of the season in Brazil may participate in the free South America's Cup next season, if the winner has received the Liberal Cup qualifying by the runner-up fill vacancies, if the runner-up also received free Cup qualification, then the league the first five to participate in next season's South American free cup .

This is the 07-08 season, the team ,08-09 could not find

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In fact, there is still



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