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Members of the Henry's deliberate handball behavior how to treat?

Ping Yee 200,8162010-01-17 20:01:22 +0000 #1
FIFA rejected after knowing that replay. Henry dummy pretend to know Fen Chang's behavior was offensive. After he returned to Spain two days ago come off the bench away is the Grand Jin Hush!

Since then, I will despise the French guy! Henry despised this guy! Henry! You have this big liar! ! World Cup, you must not run!

2009-11-23 14:49 supplementary question

Henry this wretched man! I shall be right that he was very disgusted!
Curtis2010-01-17 20:07:21 +0000 #2
Although it can not be on this will be Henry's Henry's character, but this practice is still not good enough.

Henry harm the Irish did not say to the victims of the

FIFA also said the re-match later this happens we must re-match, would not trouble dead and many of them long ago (including in other World preliminaries) are exposed to such a the situation the team would ask the re-match.

Say no replay, after a number of players will follow the example of Henry's behavior, to the critical moment, they use black, was seen at the most yellow cards, not to be seen on the big profits.

Such a thing 10 years out of time, we also forget, that is the talk of gossip, but if we all followed him, and a once a year, or even a league out of time, then there are people watching football do?
leemanyin2010-01-17 20:26:49 +0000 #3
As a team the last World Cup runner-up team (even the final round of this can not get into it not laughable?), as an already 32-year-old professional soccer player (next year's World Cup of his career the last of the !), by Henry as I understand, if I was in his position, I would not hesitate to do so.

What's more, he has to admit its mistakes, and Lou Zhu think he's hypocritical, but better than the year Manaudou was known as the "Hand of God" to a better place. And Henry's past, professional ethics, Awaiting a balanced view, Louzhu still do not get too excited.
None of my mythology2010-01-17 20:27:57 +0000 #4
Asian Cup a few years ago which is also a small Japanese hand ball into our door Well
fangttjie2010-01-17 21:05:46 +0000 #5
How many people worship Heng little twinkling of an eye did not become a no ethical quality of garbage player, wish him well depression may die.



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