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Manchester United and Inter Milan in recent years seeking Juve's Champions League results

00totti002010-04-18 10:10:54 +0000 #1

Google Li Yi2010-04-18 10:17:21 +0000 #2
AC Milan:

99-00 Season Group

00-01 Season R2

01-02 Season N / A

02-03 Season WIN


04-05 season 03-04 season, F

05-06 season SF

06-07 Season WIN

07-08 Season R2

08-09 Season N / A

Manchester United: QF


99-00 Season -01 season QF

01-02 season SF

02-03 season QF

03-04 Season R2

04-05 Season R2

05-06 Season Group

06-07 season SF

07-08 WIN

08-09 Season Inter season F


99-00 Season N / A

00-01 Season N / A

01-02 Season N / A

02-03 season SF

03-04 Season Group

04-05 season QF

05 -06 season QF

06-07 Season


08-09 season, the third consecutive season, the defending season Juve elimination round


99-00 Season N / A

00-01 Season Group

01-02 Season R2


03-04 season 02-03 season R2

04-05 season QF

05-06 season QF

06-07 Season N / A

07-08 Season N / A

08-09 Season R2

Group for the group stage was eliminated; R2 for the second round, that is, elimination round; QF 1 / 4 finals, that is, eight; SF for the semi-finals, which last four; F for the final, that runner-up; WIN for the title
9566898602010-04-18 10:37:42 +0000 #3
I Milan only relationship. then talk about the Milan Bar. From the 1996-1997 season.

96-97 season Champions League did not qualify.

97-98 season absence, did not participate in the absence of World War

98-99 season, also did not participate in the European War.

99-00 season Champions League and Chelsea, Hertha Berlin, Jialatasa the same group, the final group stage bottom points.

00-01 season and into the Champions League elimination round, the second phase of the group stage and La Coruna, Galatasaray and Paris Saint-Germain in the same group. ranked third on the final survive.

01-02 season, the UEFA Cup semi-finals, semi-finals by Borussia Dortmund eliminated.

02-03 Cup final 120 minutes goalless draw against Juventus, Milan penalty cup;

03-04 stop at 8 under strong correction in the first floor of this argument, the highest this season, Milan Ou did not enter the Top 4, 8 into 4, when they were out of La Coruña (4:1 at home, but lost the second leg of a guest Li Yasuo stadium had a 0:4)

04-05 runner-up final against Liverpool 3-0 first half, second half of the opening 15 minutes, Liverpool will tie the achievements of each other after, Liverpool eventually won on penalties. Milan fans as the match in general reflects the unforgettable, after all, the Champions League trophy so enticing, but when it is so near from us ...

05-06 semi-final was eliminated when the Barcelona Barcelona high noon, when Ronaldinho and God very close, the results really nothing, and be convinced.

06-07 winner It was a very strange season, making the Italian team calls internal and external doors and have no favored Milan in the Champions League journey unexpectedly reached the final, final see Liverpool, and two years ago compared to , Crespo replaced Inzaghi, Milan did not give opponents too many opportunities, no penalties, no chance even to the opponents extra time, with a low profile the last laugh. It is worth mentioning is that the voice of the high season, Manchester United win to upset the form is similar to Milan out, but MU already has almost all the conditions to dominate Europe, it is not difficult to imagine the second year when their time has not come back one could stop the. It is also this year started, begin their Premiership team in the European arena on the strong economic advantages in the game was reflected in the results.

07-08 knock Arsenal out of Champions first round Jibei are Manchester United, Premier League on Well there's really nothing.

08-09 do not qualify



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