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Seeking songs (high)

Ygbk_05092010-04-18 17:10:28 +0000 #1
2010 World Cup coming, and football for Some closely related to the first song, mention the rhythm and passion, requirements:

1, may be the World Cup, European Cup, America Cup, African Cup of Nations, etc. Cup's theme song, also the team's team song, anyway, and football-related to (please indicate source).

2, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese song, other No way (think the only song sung in several languages more in line with the passion and rhythm of football).

Last wish that friends can all enjoy football in the summer, the passion he brought to everyone!
8 black and white wings 82010-04-18 17:25:21 +0000 #2
we will rock you

We Are The Champion

Champions League

A Special Kind of Hero (1986 World Cup in Mexico) Summer

Italy (1990 Italy World Cup theme song)

" Glory Land "(Gloryland) (1994 U.S. World Cup theme song)

Storm 2002 World Cup in Japan and Korea

ac - Milan song - milan, milan

time of our lives

The Best Of Me

Don't turn off the light - Enrique Iglesias

Right here right now - Fatboy slim

Lift It High to 1998 Manchester United Manchester United player of all the official songs United Calypso

Inter-pazza inter

Beat It (Michael Jackson feat. Eddie Van Halen)

dragostea din tei (o-zone)

It's My Life (John Bon Jovi)

Here I am - Bryan Adams

Yellow Coldplay

Let me be the one

You wanted more

Thank you - Dido

Right here right now - Fatboy slim (selected from the 2004 European soccer Championships in Portugal, the official records)

Pazza Inter-world new football broadcast team through the Inter song

Beautiful day - U2-2004 European Cup official music

World of our own - Westlife

Hips Don't Lie-Bamboo (2006 Fifa World Cup T Mix)

LOVE YOU IN A SPECIAL WAY (Marianne Antonsen)

always somewhere (SCORPIONS Scorpions)
to love a breakthrough2010-04-18 17:55:34 +0000 #3
attraction-masazumi, Roc, Sere Nere, Gotta Be Somebody ,
Long river men2010-04-18 17:50:33 +0000 #4
This is my favorite song more passion, no harm to call battle songs, it is used for soccer video. Not sure you like, but I think most of you will support, Oh, remember the joy! Do not download the wrong

1.Atreyu-- "blow"


2 . Breaking Benjamin - "I Will Not Bow"

Download: = -1

3.Paul s Cover Band - "Crawling In The Dark"

Download: 27s + Cover + Band + Crawling + In + The + Dark & lm =- 1

4.Children of Bodom - "Everytime I Die"

Download: = & rn = & word = Children + of + Bodom + + Everytime + I + Die & lm =- 1

5.charon-- "fall"

Download: = 134217728 & lf = & rn = & word = charon + fall & lm =- 1

6.Linkin Park - "From The Inside"

Download: = & word = Linkin + Park + From + The + Inside & lm =- 1

7.Kamelot-- "Ghost Opera"

Download: = & word = Kamelot - Ghost + Opera & lm =- 1

8.bon jovi-"Have A Nice Day"

Download: 20A% 20Nice% 20Day & t = 2

9.Heavenly-"Lost in your eyes"


10.Paramore-- "Miracle "

11.ensiferum--" Tale of Revenge "
Download: http : / / / m? f = ms & tn = baidump3 & ct = 134217728 & lf = & rn = & word = ensiferum + Tale + of + Revenge & lm =- 1 of tragedy - "storm"

Download: http: / / / m? f = ms & tn = baidump3 & ct = 134217728 & lf = & rn = & word = theatre + of + tragedy + storm & lm =- 1

13.System Of A Down - "Aerials"

Download: http: / / / m? tn = baidump3 & ct = 134217728 & lm =- 1 & word = System% 20Of% 20A% 20Down% 2DAerials & t = 2

14.Grenn day-"21st Century Breakdown"

download: mp3 . / m? tn = baidump3 & ct = 134217728 & lm =- 1 & word = 21st% 20Century% 20Breakdown

15.rammstein-- "links 2 3 4"

Download: = ms & rf = top-oldsong & tn = baidump3 & ct = 134217728 & lf = & rn = & word = rammstein + + links +2 +3 +4 & lm =- 1
popblueyw2010-04-18 17:31:07 +0000 #5
Cup song comes as two were 90 years of Italy's World Cup theme song, "Italian Summer "and France 98 theme song," Cup of Life "itself with football matches with a more intense musical styles makes this a successful two-time Cup football song two songs became the most popular tunes.

Of course I also like 98 years, Another World Cup song "Do you mind if I play you," This is an old black artists from the interpretation of the song to know that most of the fans who are not playing and watching girlfriend In this case the name of this song and the mood is not Gengrang as fans do you have sympathy?

The Club songs I personally prefer the songs three giants Milan Milan Liverpool Manchester United team song "MilanMilan" is the most consistent football for people to accept light melody song lyrics catchy and easy to understand makes the team song, according to Manchester United I understand inheritance and adaptation and military songs of World War II, at least in my "Band of Brothers," heard on this tune is also very light and simple it is easy to leave a deep impact of Liverpool's "You'll never walk alone" Red represents the most steadfast fans support the team I remember is adapted from the classic song right in the game all day for Liverpool, Anfield KOP stand neat fans will hear the "shout" out "you'll never walk alone "The lyrics - it did not tune magnificent and shocking is that this song tag!

There are songs so Ultra Qingdao manatees only remember the team out of the club's first team the first song "Cow Cow" team name have changed, but the song no one sang about it

Do not forget Women Tian Zhen "Steel Roses" is even proud of the Tate's husband!

I think that time "world football" songs per week ten best goals of the rare good song is a Japanese composer -

Italy's World Cup theme song, "Italian Summer"

v.ku6. com / show / pij-hFH-rWtaecEa.html

France World Cup theme song, "Cup of Life"

France World Cup theme song, "I play you mind you "

Milan" MilanMilan "

Manchester United Song "Come On You Reds"

Liverpool team song "You'll never walk alone" =. html

Women's War Song "Steel Roses"

"World Football" weekly top ten goals song "Attraction"

www.tudou .com/programs/view/4mez1DkhalI/isRenhe = 1

This is an excerpt from the world football which you can direct your search "Attraction"

hope that help
2509181652010-04-18 17:51:43 +0000 #6
<I will survive><> live version


"go girl go"

Women's World Cup in China, Wei Wei sang the English version



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