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2006 election season is the Red Devils captain is

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right-back Gary Neville
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Birmingham match is Neville on behalf of 500 appearances for Manchester United, this is a milestone moment Neville Manchester United played in important role, he was the Red Devils captain, spiritual leaders, not only is the team's iron main, and often encouraged his teammates to assume the duties, Ferguson took over after passing that to the captain's armband, Neville also assume Manchester United spokesman's role.

"We must win the second," "season, the remaining task is to break through the 90 mark," "Brown has the strength to play

into the national team" ... ... Now the words from the lips Neville is ringing, Manchester United captain, it is sufficient to prove the words of the Manchester native who is now at Manchester United and England football status. Recent seasons, United's strength declined, but Neville said: "Manchester United can not win more trophies? I do not see reason. We know the strength of Chelsea, also know how much money they spent, but no one can to Manchester United out of the (title race Corps) outside. frustration after the Red Devils will come back. "

took the lead, Manchester United captain with concrete actions set an example to his teammates. 3-0 home win over Birmingham, Neville outstanding performance. 5 minutes, he rushed to the front line involved in the offensive edge of the area to be brought down rivals to win a free kick, Ryan Giggs kick shot but was the other high-quality goalkeeper Puzhu. 37 minutes ago Chelsea midfielder Jarosik break from the ribs to force Manchester United closed in a timely manner back to defensive positions along with Neville and Ferdinand "close" to defuse the threat. 2 minutes later, Neville has assists Daoqian Chang, fast kick each other in front of the mass DPRK fly, test the other goalkeeper Taylor nerves. Forward and attack, retreat and defend, in the right C Ronaldo more avant-garde activities in the middle, the Neville almost one propped up right-sided offensive and defensive responsibilities.

Into the "500 Field Club" Neville is naturally the focus of the audience, before the club issued specially for him a symbol of honor of the silver plate. He is a Manchester United history to reach 500 games played eight players, before the seven are: Bobby - Charlton (754 games), Fox (688 games), Ryan Giggs (663 games), Stephanie ( 546 field), Dunn (540 games), Irvine (527 games) and Spencer (514 games). Only active players in Ryan Giggs's appearances over the Red Devils captain.

"He is the best player in the Premier League." England's professional commentator Martin - Samuel Neville described this way, "first-class level, and has been maintained at more than most people's height, over the years, you He even could not find the special outstanding season play (because every season is a very good job). "stability is based on Manchester United and the Premier Neville characteristics.

In the path leading to a milestone of 500 games, Neville has encountered criticism, doubt, hatred, the result? Manchester United captain to become the most successful in England, the most stable one of the most important players. Manchester United since his "speak out", the club and national team selection right back position is more than a decade he has been "occupied." Perhaps his capacity as Cafu assists, at the foot of technology is not exactly delicate, not to mention extraordinary sharp break, but his overall impressive. The player can win by a comprehensive perseverance and dedication of the people are.

"When a teenager I have always been rejected," Neville recalls, "Each year can be recalled to the Manchester United youth team training, only because I attitude. If the training is a 5:00 start, so I will advance 45 minutes to get there to start training. I told myself to do it, because to me the excellent technology partners, such as Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt. "

not only Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt, Gary Neville close earlier than he David Beckham and luminous Savage and others also, "If you do not have immense talent, we must work hard and fought to keep pace. 16 years old I have to train hard and cut off all contact between friends, it is Cruel, but I always remember my father saying: do not ever look back, rushed to win more things. "

God rewards the diligent, not really a genius of Neville at Manchester United, thus breaking their own road of football. He is a senior official Manchester United to win the Triple Crown is one of the creators of The little red Wang Chao and witnesses. Keane now gone gold dispersed generation, Neville has to take up a more important task, Manchester United Red Devils captain is leading a group of people to scale new heights.
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add in!



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