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By a team of 11 who formed the strongest? For example, 11 C Lo, 11 Adelaide or 11 ......?

North Ming fish still2010-04-24 06:10:08 +0000 #1
That is the assumption that a team from the same individuals of 11, who do you think will be the strongest group of teams?

Say what is purely entertainment.
European memories of the eternal2010-04-24 06:25:42 +0000 #2
11 个 Beckenbauer, Kaiser, stronger than the C Lo Where, or Rijkaard can. Are able to attack to keep the super cattle.
_ King _ little in the2010-04-24 06:39:32 +0000 #3
`Whoever is certainly not Massey.

I think Tony can be.

He was more comprehensive.
Mic_Nirvana2010-04-24 06:41:03 +0000 #4
11 个 Zheng bar, which positions can play, haha.

Tell the truth, should be 11 Ramos.
Gunmen _ small broken child2010-04-24 07:07:46 +0000 #5
11 个 Kaka bar
4631160582010-04-24 07:39:23 +0000 #6
2006 year Zambrotta
Tiger love small tour2010-04-24 06:54:30 +0000 #7
not the same 11 people can form the strongest team .. because no one in football is a comprehensive the ... So ... No ... .. If you really insist then I think Zidane is stronger!
rosickyw2010-04-24 06:33:32 +0000 #8
11 Michael Essien is a benevolent ah, aggressive defense, very good technology
Kaluonaer more2010-04-24 07:36:38 +0000 #9
I think Drogba is 11

too strong, there is another body speed, center on Needless to say, which is absolutely health and the defensive midfielder is also OK, perhaps the organization is not very good, but 11 Pedro Buchan be fierce.



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