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What special ball successive World Cup

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from the 20th century 20's, the Adidas founder Adi Dassler began, Mr. Best is committed to R & D and production Football products. This tradition remains the same: in the past 80 years, Adidas has always been for more than a million worldwide to meet and exceed the needs of football players making unremitting efforts. Adidas on the contribution of sport and its relationship with some of the world's top athletes, close liaison between the team so that Adidas has always occupied the leading position in football brand and become a football in the history of an integral part.

Adidas began production in 1963 of high-quality game ball, when most of football is brown, very heavy, kicking up legs will hurt. In 1970, the first FIFA World Cup in Mexico requested to provide the official Adidas ball, then adidas has become the world's leading football brand.


1970 World Cup in Mexico

"Telstar" is made entirely of leather, this ball point and then compared to the other and there is no special, but the difference is that her face from the 32 hand-stitched the embedded surface composition (12 black pentagons and 20

white hexagon), this new structure with the balance of sewing to make a more perfect football has a more rounded shape. Structural design of this revolutionary writing a new chapter in football history. "Telstar" the first time in football on the mosaic white black pentagon, so football in black and white TV screen in the more conspicuous. ("Telstar" from the "Star of Television", 1970 World Cup in Mexico for the first time the World Cup via satellite television). Until now, "Telstar" is still prototype of all football.

Telstar & Chile


FIFA World Cup Germany 1974 World Cup in Germany used a two Adidas game ball. "Telstar" the original black Adidas marked switch from gold, "Chile" is the adidas "Telstar" launched successfully on the basis of a full white ball. (1962 World Cup in Chile have used the white ball the whole section) two ball materials and technologies, and four years ago, basically the same.



World Cup in Argentina in 1978, this ball is designed to once again achieve a historic breakthrough: the famous "Tango" design was born, she became the history of football produced a classic. 20 "Triangle Adidas"-shaped formation of embedded connected surface in 12 the same size round. Since then, every ball is in the next Cup, based on this design improvement. "Tango" to improve the ball on the adaptability of various climate conditions, are designed to learn the traditional dances of Argentina Tango the passion and elegance.

Tango Espana

1982 World Cup in Spain

"Tango Espana" made only a very small design changes, the key technical innovations: she still made of leather, but with a waterproof, seam sealed system, which greatly weakened the ball of water absorption, maximum control of the ball on extra weight.


1986 World Cup in Mexico

"Azteca" is a reform of football manufacturing technology. She designs into the host indigenous people - the Aztecs were the style of architecture and mural design; technology is the first synthetic materials. This increased use of synthetic material ball durability, while further weakening the absorbent ball. Whether in the hard ground, high altitude or in wet environment, she can very well. "Azteca" in creating a leap in football history.

Etrusco Unico

1990 World Cup in Italy,

"Etrusco Unico" synthetic materials were improved, and the insertion of the ball the first time a black polyurethane foam lining so that the ball is completely waterproof, improve speed again . As for the "Etrusco Unico" name and the rather complex design is entirely by the Italian history of ancient China and the United States and the exquisite art of Etruscan influence, depicted in each piece of the "triangle Adidas" embedded surface Three Etruscan lion logo is.


1994 U.S. World Cup

"Questra" for the first time the use of energy recovery property with a white inner layer of polyurethane foam. This inner layer to touch the ball a softer feel (more control), the ball is faster. Designers hope she can rocket off the ground so as to speed, "Questra" idea comes from the U.S. space exploration and the pursuit of space technology.


1998 World Cup in France

"Tricolore": Chinese name "tri-color ball," she is the first time in World Cup soccer printed with colored patterns. Its design inspiration from the French tricolor flag and the French nation and the French Football Federation's tradition of "rooster" logo. The "Tricolore" the most important innovation is the use of a new type of composite foam materials, the internal structure of closely arranged bubbles flexible rules, every bubble is closed and filled with gas. The new composite material is more wear, giving the ball back for better energy performance, made even more stable ball flight and direction more accurately. "Tricolore" was also the first use of "transparent printing" technology, so the ball's design is more colorful, and easy to wear and longer life.

Adidas Fevernova? 2002 年 Japan and South Korea World Cup

"Fevernova" translated into Chinese "flying meteor." "Flying meteor" is the Adidas World Cup since the introduction in 1978, after the designated game ball TangoTM the first time, breaking the conventional design. The appearance of design elements into modern Asian culture, a more dynamic and innovative. "Flying meteor," the high-tech synthetic foam layer structure is based on the 98 World Cup tri-color ball improvements. Improved by numerous foam layer and the size of the same super-pressure balloon form of Weixing, the structure gives the ball itself superior energy recovery property and Ewai the stress buffering properties, which effectively improved the controlled football and Yun Xing Xing's Jingzhun degree.

Adidas + Teamgeist? 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany

"+ Team Star" (+ Teamgeist?), Symbolizes the importance of winning the World Cup spirit: the power of the team. She adopted the new shaped pieces and the seamless laminated technology, unprecedented soccer spherical pieces reduced to 14, to maximize the elimination of the irregular surface of the convex sphere, so that presents a perfect circular sphere, and thus improve the accuracy of the football operation. "+ Team Star" mainly black, white, and gold in color, black and white is the traditional host the German national football team colors, and gold on behalf of the World Cup trophy.



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