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Chuan-Zheng Ding in the header, and how! ! ! 1

zaipo11002010-01-17 23:01:53 +0000 #1
how the game pass by winger the ball? Road players how Zhengding header? Is based on that key header? Zhengding header of the Road player, if height is not particularly high, but the header of the property to fill, and effect you? Requests the master to answer, thank you!
UC2010-01-17 23:17:55 +0000 #2
FIFA online2 in a restricted zone set 8 regular header shot points, four positive, four bias.

First of all you have to pass the level of players can not pass the bad, at least eight-point spread. Then you have to almost the level of forward header, or even to grab the top are also not enter.

I often find some small forwards standing in line being closed are the top goal unguarded not enter, some strikers stood in line so far able to suppress the closed guard put the ball into the top.

You can pass in the press C key, build a good striker will be automatically suppressed each other cards bit defender, then shot.

The good air and protects transmission system settings: Ibrahim, Emmanuel Adebayor's powerful header

System Settings players: Drogba, Crespo, Rio Ferdinand, Michael Ballack header

System Settings skills players: Egypt Eto'o, Drogba, F. Torres, Patrick Vieira

system configuration, 45-degree oblique hanging biography players: David Beckham, marouda, Sagnol, Gerard

system configuration, the bottom line transmission of the players : A. Cole
fuchouer2010-01-17 23:31:53 +0000 #3
Your playing is live or FIFA?

Live transmission of the wings are close to the bottom line with the ball, click on the OK button a long pass, the ball is on the automatic transmission in the restricted area, and then you crazy point shot button will automatically Zhengding a header.

Another body Gao Bugao you say, depends on the player's jumping properties Gaobu Gao, Zheng Ding is not high, then the ball may be difficult. Header attribute is head the ball of the strength and accuracy.

FIFA with the fact that these should be the same.



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