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Effect for the state

lzg118152010-01-31 15:01:32 +0000 #1
I am a passionate young people, to serve the country, but now that feeling is no one to turn to serve the country, some people say the civil service exam ah, but now people do not get into the top, and hey, sadly, ah
zzzddd7772010-01-31 15:08:58 +0000 #2
are many paths
laughter round of Pigs2010-01-31 15:26:02 +0000 #3
money can go to reimburse the State may not want to be a civil servant
kaoshuawo1232010-01-31 15:35:47 +0000 #4
Oh, we supposed that, since the palace when the Explorer, forget it, several big advantage

First, often face-jun, and sometimes energy surface by the teachings of

Second, competing for credit on a new court, the right expertise at the palace, above the Chodo

Third, should the cut is dirty, also prostitution, disorder palace, to enjoy their human Qifu

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