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Portsmouth in recent years, which players buy and sell

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2007-2008 summer transfer


Portsmouth Thomson (free), Johansson (Chelsea), Kanu (West Brown), James (Manchester City), Campbell (Arsenal), Andy Cole (Manchester City), Niko Kranjcar (Hejduk), Krohmann (Grozny), multi-Lamubeila ( Sporting Lisbon), Fernandes (Benfica), Wuxi Qi (Shakhtar Donetsk) transfer out:

Westerveld (Amelia), Prisco (Bruges), Peierkade (Stowe g City), Weiefala (Real Sociedad), up to Alessandro (Zaragoza), Olisadebe (leaving the team), Todorov (Wigan), Dior (Liverpool), A · Cisse, melons Terry, Peilikade (cancellation), Lotric (Tottenham), mbesuma (cancellation), Carradas (Benfica), Olisadebe (Satin), Viafara (Southampton), Prisk (Bruges), Wignall (Lens), Todorov (Wigan)


into the winter transfer: Diarra ( midfield, Arsenal,), Defoe (striker, Tottenham Hotspur,), Milan Baros (forward, Lyon), De Jiezi Lane (forward博尔德克鲁book,), Subodiqi (forward, Basel), Ober (guard, Lens)

roll-out: Matetaile (left-wing, Bolton,), Traore (left back, Rennes, loan)

2008-2009 summer transfer will be transferred to the players nationality, location

Thomas, from the way the transfer of England midfielder Bobby Charlton

French defender Traore Arsenal, Liverpool, England striker Peter Crouch lease


Kabul French defender Hotspur Transfer

Bartlett Reading, free transfer of England midfielder Seoul

this - Chelsea striker Sahar Israel rent

roll-out movement of the players nationality, location

Primus loan Charlton defender England Portuguese midfielder Mendes Rangers


Ghana midfielder Muntari Inter Milan


into the winter transfer position from the way the players nationality,

Bayer Leverkusen striker Gekas, Greece lease

Basinas Greece AEK Athens midfielder move

Mullins England后卫西汉姆transfer

England midfielder Jermaine Pennant loan Portsmouth defender

Billy Porto, Portugal, Algeria midfielder Lance Bel Hadj lease

transferred out of the transfer position of the players nationality, destination mode

England striker Jermain Defoe Tottenham Hotspur transfer

French midfielder Diarra Real Madrid in summer transfer move


transferred to the nationality of the players here from the way

Williams, the Welsh striker Waterford transfer

Jaeb Benfica reached the French midfielder lease

Israel defender Tal Ben Haim Man City move

Ireland defender Steve Finnan Espanyol defender, South Africa, a free transfer

Mo Kena free transfer

Nimifenlan Blackburn goalkeeper Fulham a free transfer

Piquion striker in Lyon, France, Germany midfielder Boateng loan

Brown's England midfielder Hotspur transfer Wigan move forward in Côte d'Ivoire is unknown

Dindane Lens Rental

O'Hara England midfielder Hotspur lease

Smith French striker Wolford transfer

Fandengbolei Belgian defender of Genoa lease

roll-out movement of the players nationality, location means

Johnson, the transfer of England defender Liverpool

French defender Traore Monaco transfer

Pamaluote French defender termination

LO Ritter Longhou Wei Lun Kamai cancellation

Thomas England England midfielder cancellation cancellation

Davis, England midfielder midfielder John Bolton a free transfer move to Tottenham Hotspur England striker Peter Crouch

Kleene England defender Coventry move

Campbell County, free transfer of England striker Knotts



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