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"Feed the feed the wow can have," Which is what the World Cup song

sunrainchang2010-01-31 16:01:57 +0000 #1
really can not remember, ah ... Hehe ... will add another World Cup songs better!
u_look_like_sb2010-01-31 16:15:06 +0000 #2
"We Will Rock You" This song has been sung since 1978. Artist: Queen (QUEEN)

the United States as a 94-year World Cup theme song. 20will% 20rock% 20you% 20mp3

give you a few hits, is widely sung songs of the World Cup;

01, football songs Champion

02, the World Cup soccer fans song Ole Ole

03, the World Cup soccer fans song We are the Chimp

04, the World Cup soccer fans songs Chimps

05, Cameroon World Cup, I love football

06, Hongkong World Cup, Leon Lai Leon Lai sing

07, the World Cup song Colours Of The World Coco Lee Concert

08, Jamaica's World Cup Rise Up

09,2000 the European Cup theme song

10, Denmark World Cup Korea-Japan Hot Legs

11,2002 years, the World Cup the World Cup theme song Boom

12,2002 Chinese Song was composed and Charged Up

13,98 France World Cup's official song Do You Mind If I Play

14,98 France World Cup's official song The Cup Of Life

15,90 Italy's World Cup official theme song of the To Be Number One

16, the World Cup song I Love Football

17, the World Cup song Hot Legs

I personally appreciate this:

1986 "different kind of hero" ( "ASpecialKindofHero")

singer: Stephanie Lawrence

1986 World Cup belongs to Diego Maradona, the Argentine superstar with "Hand of God" and the company had five goals of the long-range raid is known for scoring known to the world, and based team once again won the World Cup title. The song is full of traditional flavor was great to be filtered jingles has always been regarded as a hymn praising Maradona.

● 1990 "The Italian Summer" ( "UN'ESTATEITALIANA")

artist: Giorgio Moroder, Gianna Nannini

"Italian Summer" is perhaps the most successful World Cup theme music, has been experienced by the fans and the fans relish. Italian Apennine peninsula, the sea breeze on the football and soccer on the understanding of the Kingdom into a charming blend of music, both the original singers are Italy's most famous pop masters, the English version by Giorgio concert. Hong Kong pop-music star Alan Tam had this song into a Cantonese version of the "ideal and peace."

● 1994 "The Glory Land" ( "Gloryland")

Live by: Darryl Ho

The United States has been the sport of "virgin land" and turn handed them the right to host the World Cup has allowed the hands of the theme Qu also become bleak. Because of the lack of football works resonate, and soon drowned in people's memory. However, in 1994 a "We Are the Champions" has become recognized as the world's fans of "Song of the fans."

1998 "do you mind if I play" (in French: "LaCourdesGrands")

Live by: You Suoen more阿克塞拉瑞德

"do you mind if I play" is a lively songs, singers are not French, may be, and the World Cup should be the subject of integration of the exchange, but many people think that the piece is not nicely. This year the World Cup truly widespread it is sung by Ricky Martin, "The Cup of Life" ( "LaCopaDeLaVida"), which has almost become a World Cup in France in 1998, another in the first theme song.



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