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People's Liberation Army troops first large-scale column mounted a small caliber automatic rifles, w

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95 automatic rifle

rifle in 1997 as the People's Liberation Army troops stationed in Hong Kong first appearance with the use of weapons. Has begun into the troops. To become China's new generation of standard automatic rifles. Is the first large-scale column mounted People's Liberation Army forces of small-caliber automatic rifles.

95 automatic rifles and machine-gun ban QBB95 style 5.8mm (hereinafter referred to QBB-95) to form 95 gun family. Later, an increase of short barrel assault rifle of QBZ95B short, these three weapons, generally referred to as 95 gun family.

QBZ95 automatic rifles, assault rifles

QBZ95B a short length of 746mm 609mm

Barrel length 463mm 326mm

full weight 3.25kg 2.9kg

a muzzle velocity of 930m / s 790m / s

theoretical rate of fire of 650RPM

combatants firing rate of single 40RPM

repeating 100RPM

direct distance of 370m?

the effective range of 400m 300m

magazine capacity of 30rds 30rds



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