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Tell us about the Nigeria Football

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Coach and curriculum vitae, the core players, the core of effective team. A new international ranking!
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Nigeria national football team - the basic information

Nickname: African Eagle, super eagles football Association: Nigerian Football Association, played up to the players: Mudashiru Lawal (86 games) Most goals scored by player: Rashidi Yekini (37 goals) FIFA code: NGA first international competition: Ghana 1 - 0 Nigeria (Accra, Ghana, 1950 5 28) Biggest win: Nigeria 8 - 1 Uganda (Ismailia, Egypt, September 23, 1991) Biggest defeat: Ghana 7 - 0 Nigeria (Accra, Ghana, June 1955 1)

Nigerian national football team - Introduction

Nigeria, the Nigerian national football team, do not say "African Eagle" or "super hawk" is the Nigerian men's soccer national team, from the jurisdiction of the Nigerian Football Association. Nigeria joined the rank for the first time the World Cup Finals in 1994 and later two events may qualify finals, including 1994 and 1998 have all joined the rank Shi Liujiang stage, due to the team every player played a singular role to play as a whole France extremely aggressive, in the 1990s the rise of the national football team a success. Nigeria in 1980 and 1994, twice won the African Nations Cup champion, also was awarded the Olympic gold medal in 1996. 2008 African Cup of Nations in Ghana has been defeated in the quarterfinals, while the general public have also ended in an early resignation. Nigeria's shirt sponsor is adidas.

Nigerian national football team - World Cup result

1930 did not participate in 1934, did not participate in 1938, did not participate in 1950, did not participate in 1954, did not participate in 1958, did not participate in 1962, missed the cut in 1966 Exit - and missed the cut in 1970 1974, failed to qualify in 1978 and missed the cut in 1982 and missed the cut in 1986 and missed the cut in 1990 and missed the cut in 1994 Shiliu Jiang Shi Liujiang 1998 first lap in 2002

2006, Nigeria's national soccer team failed to qualify - African Nations Cup results

1957 - did not participate in 1959 - did not participate in 1962 - quit in 1963 - the first lap in 1965 - did not participate in 1968 - out of qualifying in 1970 - quit in 1972 - out of qualifying in 1974 - qualifying out of the game in 1976 - Second Runner-up 1978 - Runner-up 1980 - Champions 1982 - the first lap in 1984 - runner-up in 1986 - out of qualifying in 1988 - Runner-up 1990 - Runner-up 1992 - Runner-up 1994 - Champions 1996 - pre-race withdrawal in 1998 - due to withdrawal of the last event had been disqualified in 2000 - Runner-up 2002 - Runner-up 2004 - Runner-up 2006 - Runner-up

Nigerian national football team - Famous players

Sangdiaoli Saleh

Name: Sangdiaoli Saleh

English name: Sunday Oliseh

Gender: Male

Nationality: Nigeria

Birth City:

Date of Birth: September 14, 1974

Height: 183cm

Weight: 80kg

Role : Midfielder

field number: 16
-owned team:
, who played for Team: Juventus, Reggina Standard Liege Bochum Cologne Dortmund, Ajax Amsterdam Henk


En Ke Kanu 10000 10000 koka Nu (Nwankwo Christian Kanu), the Nigerian soccer player, his position is striker, played for English Premier League club


10000 Ke Kanu Portsmouth. 1.97 meters tall and weighs 80 kg. Had suffered from heart disease, after the after the surgery, he resolutely returned to the court. He is a history of African football's most renowned player, who won the European Champions League medal, a UEFA Cup medal, three FA Cup winners medals and two African Player of the Year and so on. He is currently the only won the European Champions League, UEFA Cup, Premier League, FA Cup and the Olympic gold medal in the Premiership player. Jieyijieyi Jay-Jay Okocha

Gender: Male

Nationality: Nigeria

Birth City:

Date of Birth: August 14, 1973

Height: 173cm

Weight: 70kg

Role: Midfielder

field number : 10
-owned team: Nigeria
, who played for Team: Fenerbahce Frankfurt, Paris Saint-Germain
特里柏韦斯Tesailaisi Tingba Puerto Royer old Paul Obafemi Martins Zhu Li Yousi * Aghahowa



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