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Encke kicked in Barcelona?

zwzz57282010-01-16 00:27:40 +0000 #1
2009-12-29 13:10 supplementary question

is that suicide
Goose City, Cai-xia2010-01-16 00:37:47 +0000 #2
Enke 18-year-old became a professional player, but after a career full of ups and downs, first because the bench was forced to flee their homes helpless, finally joined Barca, Zennai Hou's door is like the sea, would just come to the fate of four leased. Have come a full circle back to Germany, Enke was finally in good time, they can at a time when people thought he had turned the corner, Enke has finished the last leg of life.

The first was the main force, Borussia downgrade

Enke was born in a sports family, father is a psychiatrist, is also an outstanding 400-meter hurdles athlete and his mother was volleyball player. Encke childhood hometown team in Jena France Perm youth team play, when he is not playing goalkeeper. 1986, 9 years old, Enke joined Jena youth academy, and in 1995 became the club professional player, when the Jena are in second division. In the old goalkeeper Neumann three games after losing 14 goals, Encke in November 1995 the opportunity to get three starts, it is worth mentioning that his first professional game is November 11, 1995 play for Hannover, 24 years later, November 10 Enke committed suicide, his last club was in Hanover. Neumann then return to re-occupy the main position, Enke played no chance.

1996, not Dezhi the Encke transfer Borussia Moenchengladbach, but failed to transfer. For two consecutive seasons, he had not played in a Bundesliga, the only amateur team to participate in the club with the low-level competition. Until the 1998-99 season, the club legendary goalkeeper Capps injuries, coach Lausch post, Enke was a chance. Bundesliga his first show is August 15, 1998 3 to 0 victory over Schalke 04, by virtue of this victory, Borussia points short sit top spot. But fate and the newly-and-coming Enke opened a cruel joke, even though he played 32 games of the season firmly occupy the main position, Borussia clean sheet, but to reach the number of terror 79 for the Bundesliga's best, the ultimate bottom downgrade.

Since then, Heynckes coached Benfica to sign Enke, and appointed him as captain. But at that time Benfica precarious, club 3-year change of 3 coach, league ranking dropped to record lows: No. 6. Due to economic reasons, the players wages are often in arrears. A difficult environment for the young but fast-growing Encke, his performance has attracted Arsenal, Manchester United, Atletico and other teams attention. , And Benfica's contract negotiations stalled, the Encke on a free transfer in July 2002 in Barcelona, signed for 3 years.

However, in Barcelona, waiting for Encke's also a substitute nightmare. In Van Gaal hands, he can only give Bolano as Substitute, and later Enke in an interview, saying that Barca goalkeeper was "the most difficult when the goalkeeper in Europe." September 11, 2002 his first appearance, the team has been in the first round of the King's Cup Class C teams Nuoweierda than two out of three, Encke's performance by captain Frank de Boer, and other teammates criticism. Since then, Encke was completely nailed to the bench, the entire season, only in the March 2, 2003 against Osasuna in the league coming off the bench for 20 minutes, in addition to playing the Champions League group match two innocuous opponents are Brugge and Galatasaray.

Frank Rijkaard took office in 2003, Encke has been to rent Daum coached Fenerbahce, Rustu joined Barcelona as a part of the deal. But bad luck is still accompanied by Enke, he participated in their first match, Fenerbahce 0 in the derby defeat to Istanbul, more than three sports, the fans with fireworks and bottles attacked him and think he is a sinner. Encke quickly back to Spain's decision to leave Turkey, Daum I also respect his choice. So two weeks after the initial fee FenerbahÃ, Enke returned to Barcelona, after which he could not even into the first team, in the wasted half a season, Enke in January 2004 was to rent a second division Tenerife, he finally with the outstanding performance to win fans and club recognition.

In June 2004, joined Hanover, Enke to return to the Bundesliga career has finally turned the corner after the end of the season "Kicker" named Best Bundesliga goalkeeper. Encke's performance once again attracting attention of wealthy, when the air mass for participation in the war in Europe, he will join Stuttgart. However, in December 2006, Hanover, Enke selection and contract in 2010, this is the first time in his career renewal, this time Enke has been 29 years old, when a 11-year professional player.

2007 Hanover, Enke has been selected as captain of team-mate, this role until the last moment of his life. 2008-09 season, the Bundesliga was re-elected the best goalkeeper Enke. This season, as was found to bacterial infection, Enck truce in the league in 63 days, until November 1 of the Cologne back, lose his endeavors insurance goal, the German media hailed: "The powerful Enke is back. "

Enke total have participated in three games and 196 second division Bundesliga, he played the tournament in Hanover on behalf of the CPC 180 games, including 164 league games. Encke played the last time on behalf of Hanover, is November 8 League 2 to 2 draw in Hamburg, he committed suicide two days ago.



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