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Luneng seeking detailed information on the history of foreign aid

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Luneng aid Series --- Excellent aid

Balisita: 1998 joined Shandong Luneng, wearing jersey No. 14, when the coach is the Shandong Luneng Korean Kim Jong-nam. Balisita a lot of content can be found engraved in Shandong football history, he was the first foreign aid Shandong Luneng. The Brazilian long a broad, very Slavic face. Balisita Prior to joining Shandong team first game with the slap of Yanbian Having scored and assists once, in 1998 into six goals last season than the year in Shandong Tang Yue-jun, chief striker ball is only a small one. In 1999 season, Balisita the ball into the six are still Shandong Luneng's second striker, but he eventually left with Santrac discord.

Sasha: In 1999 joined the former Yugoslavia in Shandong goalkeeper, 22, is to help Luneng won the double in 1999, the main hero. Sasha has the unique position of the Yugoslav goalkeeper sense, and Shandong, and Wang Jun, Zhang Pengsheng goalkeeper was compared with that basic skills and more solid. Sasha is a very successful goalkeeper, missing only the 1999 season Luneng 13 goals last season, against at least created a record (the first year of Shenzhen, against the number of super-also 13). Sasha was brought Santrac Later, due to the Chinese Football Association's restrictions on foreign aid provisions of goalkeeper was forced to leave in Shandong, so other teams are forced to replace the foreign goalkeeper, such as Qingdao goalkeeper Bourzat Stojakovic, from his departure from Shandong Luneng after the goalkeeper has been the location of the team, one of the most unstable, until the 06 Li Leilei to join after the season has changed this situation, of course, and after the defense has a lot to instability.

Romero more: In 1999 the Uruguay striker, 21, Shandong fans never forget, he is in the 99 FA Cup final second leg in Shandong and Dalian battle staged a hat-trick. The second half the last 20 minutes, romero, even in the more than three balls, Shandong fans still believe him, and Sasha, and Balisita Shandong won the double, the biggest player. In fact, romero, many in the league's performance is not good, after the performance is mediocre, but the FA Cup hat-trick on the load enough to let him go down in history, Shandong football. This is really a war fame!

Casiano: 2000 joined Taishan, 9, the effectiveness of the previous year in Beijing Guoan, is 9 to 1 victory over Beijing Guoan Shanghai Shenhua hero. Casiano in 1999 into nine goals last season, joined the Shandong state is more brave, in the 2000 season into 15 goals, becoming a A league's top scorer. This season, he and Su Maozhen a total of Shandong striker contributed 22 goals. "Su-card combination," power is not small, one high and one is the anti-anti-fast play and rely on the main end of 2001, leaving Luneng back to Beijing and Beijing and Shandong Province in 2002 season game together Luneng Jiu Jiang Li, They were a ball into the Shandong Province.

Sergei: 2001 Ukrainian striker joined Shandong, 33, on the 9th, and Casiano, like football brought doctrine of Shandong successful, Sergei previously played in Shenyang Haishi. Join Luneng The reason is that the 2000 season, he had been on behalf of Shenyang, Shandong game with a hat-trick. Feature is able to return to midfield ball, have an excellent long-range capabilities, can also pass teammates. Sergei is a good sense of Paowei versatile in Eastern Europe. However, the performance of disorders in 2003, in Shandong full effect of the three seasons, the success of the first two seasons, the last season was a failure.

Ramputi: 2001, Ghana joined the foreign aid, 21, until today, Shandong Province, Shandong fans still think he is the best in football history, foreign aid. Delicate and not drag the foot of martial arts, a person can change the rhythm of midfield Luneng can spread magic behind the ball, in 2002, Beijing and Shandong competition, 40 meters away with a note of the long-range sensational even the fans considered to be the best goal of Shandong Luneng. He is the kind of typical modern Qianyao can pass to shoot, but the first field to start locally Pinqiang. The Ethiopian foreign aid has incredible inspiration and awareness. In 2002, because of inconsistency and coach Nepomniatchi left.

Nicholas: Shandong Province is also the football players get through the take-ism. 10, 2003 joined the French striker, was selected by the French national team. The effectiveness of Dalian in 2002, with 10 goals to become top scorer in 2002, Dalian squad was, therefore, Shandong fancy. However, there is a contract with Dalian body Nicholas by the Chinese Football Association at the six-month suspension. Until the year July 1, Nicholas was successfully registered as Shandong Luneng player. However, in half of the season into the seven goals (1 penalty). Sergei Nicholas weakness given the opportunity, but in 2004 the state began to fall, and in that end of the season left the Shandong Province. Year Luneng get "Double Cup King."

Basin: 2005 Bulgaria joined the guard in Shandong, is rarely able to wear jersey No. 9 guard, tall and effectiveness from 2005 to 2007 season, is considered Shandong Luneng of history's most outstanding defender, Shandong fans often compared to his status and relaxed. Behalf of the Bulgarian national team participated in the 2004 European Championship, is the traditional Eastern European central defender, also in Shandong Luneng defender in the effectiveness of foreign aid the longest. Shandong Province is also the success of football take-ism products, he has played for in 2002, Beijing Guoan, their performance is acceptable.

Zivkovic: has played in the Japanese J League Jubilo Iwata for four years. 2001 Ya Jubei has helped the ball victory over Jubilo Iwata 6 Shandong, Shandong Province is also a soccer-specific take-ism a winner. Guo Guoqing named Serbia and Montenegro team, in 2006 joined Luneng and effect as from the 2009 season, No. 8 jersey heritage Li Xiaopeng, originally was an alternate for Igor, but soon became the main force to replace the former, he was considered to be fans excellent, compared with Ramputi foreign aid, may serve as the left avant-garde and Qianyao your feet superior, 06 season, 16 assists, was elected in assists, and the 07,08 season reelection this honor, after the departure of the Zheng The mayor successfully took over the position of the core, he was Luneng history's most successful foreign aid, 32-year-old veteran Zivkovic state of decline in the 09 season, and Qingdao in the match was suspended for eight games because of disciplinary , Luneng desperation cancel the contract in advance with this hero, the Japanese Fu Kewei outstanding service than before, for a total of Luneng played 99 times, into the 16 goals, assists 51 times, and his name will always make Luneng fans to remember.

Luneng Taishan Series --- mediocre foreign aid foreign aid

Carlos: 1998 annuity just south of the Brazilian player selected in the first round of competition with the sea lions in Shenyang have scored that header. But Kim Jong-nam was not successful in his use of his technology is good, but sometimes appear too independent. By the mid-season, Carlos began to lose their opportunity to play, this Brazilian left in the year in Shandong.

Amir: It is said Haigeng training in 1998 was to Shandong to promote economic man team, and Kim Jong-nam is also very much appreciate the Amir, the Yugoslav foreign aid is a typical high-center. 37, tall, had been in half a season into a six-ball over (including the FA Cup and friendly competition), but Amir technologically less rough, the role of a single. Sometimes he did not Su Maozhen easy to use, in 1999, Beijing joined A B league wide benefits, and in that year won the A B top scorer.

La Dry: 1999 was brought by Serbia and Montenegro Santrac foreign aid, defensive midfielder, the most good long-lumbar, but turned slow. Field of vision in the midfield is not open, but can spread strike, but as a lumbar it, whether it is physical, technical, or consciousness is too general. La dry in Shandong played only four games was sent back to China.

Dennis: 2000 joined Shandong, 11, has been selected Santrac Serbia and Montenegro midfielder, and de la dry style, very similar features and, in the midfield Pinqiang strong, but not out of consciousness color, kick-ball ability is poor. 9 games, has not been a goal, and only one assist, this level is clearly not based in Shandong, nine later fired.

Charles: The 2000 Ghana joined the foreign aid effectiveness in Switzerland before joining Shandong League, which is characterized by a Retention Zhaqi the pigtail. Charles's foot is very flexible, but not with teammates with excellent, sometimes like to stick the ball, but the speed can not be displayed. Had Shandong Qingdao Hainiu derby to get a score at the end to leave the Shandong Province.

Garic: In 2003 Slovakia joined the players. 175 tall central defender, good at assists, location, feeling strong, but the turning speed is very slow, is Niebo selected foreign aid has often been one-time defensive sub off the ball on the half-height of the behind the ball is very slow to judge , both from the strength or the ability to view, can not be regarded as an excellent defender in 2003, league after the end of Garic leave Shandong.

Zoran: 2003 joined the Yugoslav foreign aid, in the year the first round of league matches in Shandong and Yunnan, Zoran received Li Xiaopeng's header nets will be two teams tie it 2 to 2 level. Shandong team had six rounds of league play, only the effectiveness of 4 months. July 1, Shandong Luneng announced a partnership with Zoran cancel the contract due to poor Zoran state did not play its due role in foreign aid.

Anic: 2004 Serbia and Montenegro joined the midfield players, 9, figure dial Draskovic's beloved players, when joined to a three-year-old, who played for Red Star Belgrade, Bruges and Ghent, there is no selected over Serbia and Montenegro national team, but is said to have been selected 60 times over Serbia and Montenegro national team 21 years of age. The same is said that the 2000-2001 season, in the Bi Jia Bruges Anic had assists over 20 times, Oh, very tough! The data is clearly not withstand scrutiny. The King called Bijia assists Anic, in Figure dial hands are not too many playing opportunities, the effectiveness of one year after leaving Luneng.

Igor: 2006 Serbia and Montenegro joined in the middle field, 21, originally he was the first foreign aid, Zivkovic is the second, and is only considered to be parallel, while others think that he did not take full advantage of the ability to out of the performance of flat league, the location was quickly replaced by a sound Zivkovic, but the very edge of the fans.

Nicholas: 2007 in Serbia and Montenegro joined in the back, on the 15th, she is not high. Because of the presence of reason can not be marked with comfortable main, in the workout stage, some people think he is parallel, but fortunately it subsequently proved their abilities, but the performance of a color when it is in general not much. Choose to leave after the end of the season.

Dejan: The first one is called parallel imports of foreign aid, Shandong fan. Santrac brought by Serbia and Montenegro striker, characterized by the previous games Nabu Zhu ball, like the gaze and so on the offensive teammates, and teammates with a lack of effective Paowei. And Qiangdian the unique advantages of Serbia and Montenegro players he did not, just after the four, together with de-la-do back in China.

Marcos: 2000 joined the Brazilian foreign aid. Wearing Balisita had worn No. 14 jersey, is characterized by Nabu Zhu, control not live, could not pass, shoot well. Can be described as quasi-standard standard parallel imports player! Haha, he just played for two league in Shandong Province, Shandong Marcos is also the first one parallel Brazilian player.

Santos: Shandong football the best parallel in the history of foreign aid, wore a series of honors in 2001, joined the Shandong Province in the second half. Since the departure of Jose Santos to join in Shandong. Santos on behalf of the Brazilian team at the 1994 World Cup, Pagliuca saved in the penalty shootout was the only one penalty shot by him in 1998, with the main players took part in the French World Cup, played in seven games. Who played for Ajax, Santos, Florence, has been a long time before joining Shandong, no training, played 10 games, gained 35 million in salary, the defense can not be right back defense, assists and can not be assists, and soon his position was Jiao Zhe replaced. Their performance and Shenhua foreign aid, but also his international team-mate Baiano exactly the same resume brilliant, high-paying low energy!

Vlado: 2004 joined Shandong Luneng to join when the 26-year-old, physical plenty, you can serve as the back and lumbar, as the defender often assists Daoqian Chang, outbreaks strong force, but in defense of the card bit inadequate, passing accuracy was also good, but the comparison is concerned, he should hit back, did not give people the impression of too much impression.

Bakvic: 2007 Serbia and Montenegro joined the Qianyao. No. 4, 26-year-old Bakvic has played in Serbia and Montenegro national team, Shandong Luneng Zheng Zhi have been prepared to Bakvic as a substitute for, despite the recommendation of dial plans, but still only with Bakvic Shandong Luneng work contracts signed in the second half. Their performance was flat, the ability is not outstanding, by the media as parallel imports, only in garbage time to debut in mid-June and the team broke up, amicably.

Milian - mulda Stojakovic: 2008 in Serbia & Montenegro striker joined midway, 10, 26-year-old Milian Shandong fans a long-awaited striker, after he was Andre, Belgium 2001-2002 Laichter Team ,2002-2003 Belgrade, Serbia ofk Team, 2003-2004 in Belgium in this special team 2004-2005 Salzburg, Austria team (Class A champion) ,2005-2006 Ukraine's metallurgy team, 2006 -- 2007 Israel's Maccabi

,2007-2008 Guimaraes, Portugal Premier League teams played for, before coming to Chi workout in 23 games, scored eight goals the Chinese Communists. Luneng debut on behalf of a mind to enter the header, can be said to hit a total of 08 season, scored eight goals, but the key the ball much. 09 mediocre season and are subject to serious injury-plagued season in May reluctantly cancel the contract with the club.

Luciano: 08 middle of the season to join the Brazilian midfielder, 6, 33-year-old Luciano height of 180, has effect: Palmeiras, Bologna, Chievo, Inter Milan, which are located side of avant-garde, he event has been suspended because of a false passport, good winger breakthrough technology, delicate, is required for sidewalks Inter players. However, the increase with age, in good time to play Luneng was too little, introverted, he has not really integrated into the collective Luneng, Pianman the speed seems to also play tuba tactics are not the right path , the lack of explosive power, which some people have hope that he will become a "new Luneng core" far from the desire. Not many opportunities for playing, just playing Having scored, won the night, Han Gong government has said that "To-Star Game, and we give foreign aid Meal Service a ticket, there is no Change a basic will not be back."

Luneng aid Series --- acclimatized foreign aid

Mendoza: 2001 joined Shandong, Chile players, the club Colo Colo of Chile for training young players in the system trained, Shandong Luneng leasing costs reached 70 million, joining Shandong Luneng ten consecutive years ago, the national team, national team in 80 games, 14 games into the ball, was called midfield magician. On behalf of Chile, participated in the 1998 World Cup, and into 16. Shandong Province have already joined the 33-year-old in Shandong only six games played, wasMedia and Boris called "the ability to mediocre, but the love Shuada Pai" in his squad. After returning home to join Rangers in Santiago, in the second year 34-year-old Shi Hai was selected the national team!

Jose: 2001 Paraguay joined the guard in Shandong had Serie effect. Guard position in the broad field of vision, and Materazzi style similar to sound even more than in Cordoba, Ha ha! Steal fierce and accurate, and timely niche that will be selecting the right time to suddenly dashed Daoqian Chang assists in positioning the ball is also very tactical threat. September 10, 2001 to return to visit relatives in New York, transit, witnessed 911 incidents. Jose soul hurt firm no longer willing to go to China effect on the grounds that he needs to convalesce heal the hearts of injuries. It is precisely because Jose's abandoned football in Shandong have the most water in parallel in the history of foreign aid, 94,98 the main World Cup Brazilian national team defender --- Santos.

Moreno: In 2002 transferred from Boca Juniors of Argentina striker. 14, when the annual salary in Boca 4 million, joined the Shandong annual salary of 35 million, has been selected Niebo forward style a bit like Inter Milan's Cruz, but the impact should be inferior to some, be good at edge Road event, with teammates with no understanding. Disputes with their rivals in the race frequently, often at the training ground argument with team-mate and self-care ability in life is not strong, often due to poor diet and Naodu Zi, one season after being sent back to Boca into the six goals. However, a return to Boca that is marked with the main, in the South American Libertadores Cup and often we can see his goal. Players like this in China, and countless others do not know why.

Eric: In 2002 Belarus joined the guard, Belarus national team captain, was selected Nepomniatchi. Jose styles with similar physical abundant, once the scene on the possession of Shandong Luneng initiative, he was able to direct compression into the ring. Good assists, Qiangdian remarkable ability to handle the ball very clean, very little drag ball. The disadvantage is that hot temper on several occasions because of fouls and eat red card. In Shandong with 81 games in his defense, there are other teammates of the 81 cases of Sun-leave-a new wave of eating red card. Relationship with the teammates are not handled well, had been in training breakdown of the Song Lihui of the eardrum. Do not want to give up his club down, but he too did not live up to expectations, is still training played Xu Yang.

Kiriakov: In 2001, Yunnan Hongta had good performance. 1994 on behalf of the Russian national team took part in the World Cup, took part in the 1996 European Cup. And Salenko, Kallangur and the other Shasinihe known as Russia's four strikers. In 2003 joined Shandong Luneng. Is characterized by good sense, physically strong, but joined the Shandong Luneng already at a low ebb period, the biggest problem is too slow, but he still helped Shandong Luneng scored eight goals (1 penalty), but a lot of fans in Shandong did not appreciate him, that his level of play in some super-race (with a hat-trick battle, Sichuan), more often acting as a wasted opportunity role.

Dănciulescu: 2005, Romania joined the powerful striker, Romania, the third striker, in the April 29, 2004 carried out by the German team and the Romanian team's warm-up race, who scored twice Dănciulescu , then scored 28 league goals, with the honor of joining Luneng Danciu has not gained much in China's track honor. May also be acclimatized reasons, Dănciulescu played only one season, but also scored 10 league goals (the beginning of the season promised to be in China into 28 balls, due to wearing No. 28 last season Romania's 28 league goals). After returning to join Dinamo Bucharest. To elevate the status, in that season's Champions League qualifier, Dinamo Bucharest, was the Olympic Stadium in Rome, Lazio 1 in a draw for the Dynamo goal is precisely Dănciulescu.

Peter Pavlovic: participated in the Athens Olympic Games Peter Pavlovic Serbia and Montenegro was once a youth team midfielder player, joined the Shandong Province in 2005. Outstanding personal ability to join in Shandong played for Partizan before, personal technology, excellent, outstanding long-range capability, but the delay in entering the state in Shandong. In September 2005 with Shandong Luneng cancel the contract, just two months the effectiveness of Shandong. Stojakovic was originally set aside by the plan insist on the introduction of Peter Pavlovic, eventually chose to give up plans call Stojakovic.



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